Pippa Crewe

Insane, Night owl, Socially awkward, Slob, Neurotic
Pippa has always been on a different planet. She invents stories on her own, she seems to see things that no one else can. Some would call her crazy. Then she met that old lady who gave her… a stick of wood?

Pippa met Timothy Golzine at summer camp. He was the only one willing to follow her and play in her stories. They were pretending to be a princess from the sun and a Plutonian warrior, then he went ahead and kissed her. Funny boy.

They saw each other again once they were teens but Tim was by then a guitarist in a band, and he had that gorgeous girlfriend and… well, Pippa was still a weirdo.

The stick of wood turns out to be a wand. Because Pippa is a witch. The old lady is Martha Rosencrantz, a witch herself, and she wants Pippa to be her apprentice. Broom-riding is cool, but potion-making and learning runes is so difficult… When Martha dies, Pippa doesn’t really know what to do, she wants to give up her witch training so she goes to the witch coven in Midnight Hollow, accompanied by werewolf Ralph who volunteered to come with her. After many questioning and discouragement, Pippa decides to go on with her training under the tutelage of the Midnight Hollow prodigies, such as Elaine West whom she strikes a friendship with. So that her parents do not worry about her being absent, she creates a (creepy) Pippa puppet that tricks her family into thinking she’s still at home. She will then make them believe she went on a trip to the other side of the world to tattoo turtles (never mind…).

Tim finds Pippa again, coming to the shop where she lives and which she inherited from Martha. They start a relationship. Pippa is in love with him, but also very uncomfortable: she has learned that she cannot have children (losing her virginity means losing her witch powers). She is starting to think that love is indeed very complicated for a witch… In the end, she breaks up with Tim, out of fear of seeing their relationship develop any further.

In order not to have to deal with her loved ones’ suffering anymore, she decides to erase herself from the memory of her family and Tim. Ralph scolds her for that crazy idea, but also comforts her in the aftermath. Little by little, he has become an important part of her life, cheering her up and protecting her instinctively.

She will see for herself just how important he is to her during the final showdown against Gilles de Rais.

Pippa is generally a scaredy-cat, and she is easily distracted. That will earn her a curse from one of her spells that bounced back: an indelible mark on the left part of her face.

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