Ralph Connery

Hot-headed, Loner, Friendly, Brave, Commitment issues
Ralph is the last known werewolf. He was cursed by the fairy queen for being in a relationship with a fairy, Gladys. Werewolves are natural protectors for fairies, keeping the dark forces like vampires out of their woods. Upon becoming immortal, Ralph shuts himself off of society and led the life of an alcoholic recluse, scared of getting close to anyone.

Theo Golzine and Yu Wong force him to go out of hiding in order to help them catch vampires, dangling before him the possibility to become human again (Yu Wong actually went a bit ahead of herself here). Ralph finds out from the local witch, Martha Rosencrantz, that only the fairies themselves can undo his curse, and he sets out for their location. His quest will turn out to be a wild-goose chase, as the fairy queen is killed before his eyes by an unidentified vampire (who will later turn out to be Gilles de Rais). He also discovers that Gladys was turned into a tree as a punishment for loving him. He then decides not to look for other ways to become human again, out of solidarity for Gladys.

When Ralph comes back to the city, he is determined not to work for the government, as Yu Wong initially intended, but to be his own man. Following Martha’s death, he supports young witch Pippa to take over Martha’s legacy and accompanies her to the coven in Midnight Hollow. He feels strangely close to her as her feeling of inadequacy and doubts about true love mirror his. Ralph is increasingly aware of his need to protect her and at the same time instill her with more self-confidence. For now, he is happy to watch over Pippa from the shadows.

He is in friendly terms with Nathaniel Golzine, whom he fought along with and learned to trust. Together with Nathaniel’s allies, Ralph and Pippa get involved in the final showdown against Gilles de Rais… during which they will experience an epiphany of sorts.

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2 thoughts on “Ralph Connery

    • Thanks!! 🙂 “The” kiss is supposed to be a spoiler, yes. The profile pics are chosen so that they show the face quite clearly, not (necessarily) because of their importance in the story.
      EDIT: Aaaand I realize that’s not at all what I do because I love some pics so much that I include them anyway…! Never mind me.

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