Risa Parsons

Bookworm, Loner, Brooding, Workaholic, Coward
Risa is Nathaniel Golzine’s first love. She is a quiet, bookish person with a tendency to romantic idealization. She lost her father to a motorbike accident shortly after her birth. Her mother Ruby was a rather famous journalist whom she admired a lot. As she accompanies her mother to Mayor Yu Wong’s public speech, her eyes meet Nathaniel’s. They will see each other again, discover that they have a lot in common, write as penpals, see more of each other… until they become a couple. There is an air of mystery about him, the way he always comes then disappears. They had barely become young adults that she learns the truth from Nathaniel’s father himself: he is the mafia heir, and their relationship is not wanted. Crushed by the realization of what it all implies, Risa breaks up and leaves for Uni. Years go by, during which one of her friends, Julian Blake, becomes her fiancé. However, someday she runs into Nathaniel at the airport and all their unresolved feelings for each other come rushing back. They run away from reality for a few days by pretending to be newlyweds. They split up again, each of them going their separate road and Risa marries Julian. But the harm has been done: Risa is pregnant, and although she is initially unsure whether or not the child is Julian’s, as Ashley grows up and looks disturbingly like Nathaniel, there is no room for doubt. Risa has more and more trouble looking her son in the eye.

When she was a little girl and had traveled to Egypt with her family, Risa encountered a strange beast, a horse with a horn that only she could see. Since then, the unicorn shows up from time to time, apparently protecting her. As she investigates a strange case for her job as a journalist, she is caught up in something much bigger. Nathaniel himself comes to save her and… they yield to their mutual attraction yet again. Risa nevertheless tells him that Ashley is his son but asks him to keep it confidential. They are also finally able to talk thing out between them and agree that they are both chasing after ghosts.

Julian had always suspected that his wife’s heart belonged to her ex. He is finally confronted with reality and his relationship with Risa takes a serious blow. Only time, patience and Julian’s genuine love for Risa will eventually patch things up.

Because of her unicorn protection, she attracts the attention of a dangerous vampire and discovers that she is immune to viruses and that her blood cells can actually destroy a vampire’s. Finding out that she is special while she had always believed herself to be quite ordinary comes as a crushing revelation to Risa. More than ever, she craves for Nathaniel’s reassuring presence. Following her abduction, he indeed comes again to rescue her but… it will eventually be Nathaniel’s wife who sets her free. The discussion that ensues forces Risa to reconsider her feelings and stop holding on to Nathaniel.

Anyway, they have to make a difficult decision together as they learn that Ashley has met Nathaniel’s daughter Sam. And that they have started a relationship.

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