Sam Golzine

Genius, Heavy sleeper, Perceptive, Daredevil, Flirty
Sam is an extremely strong-willed young woman and the current heiress of the Golzine clan. She has a tendency to jump into action, especially when firearms are involved, but she is also well-versed in high finance and asset management. In short, she is the perfect blend of both her parents.

Her relationship with her father Nathaniel Golzine has long been symbiotic. She looked up to him, unquestioningly trusted him and felt closer to him than anyone else. She was deeply affected when her parents seemed on the verge of breaking up for good, and did everything in her power to get them back together. When they somewhat belatedly got married, it felt like a personal victory for Sam.

Though she has always been unruly, Sam as a child was older than her years. Her upfront, perceptive attitude appealed to her grand-father Theo, who saw at the same time the danger of an exclusive relationship with her father. Theo and his right-hand man Sen took her away for some time, and under their tutelage, she learned the basics of self-defense.

She naturally feels more comfortable around boys, and thanks to her father’s insistence that she had activities outside of home, she made a friend named Jay. Who in turn introduced him to his best friend Ashley. She immediately feels attracted to Ash. As if… she had waited all her life for this moment. The magnetism between them is so strong that she completely overlooks the fact that poor Jay had been in love with her.

Ash is so much better than her. He is the innocence that she must protect. It still doesn’t make sense to her that he turned out to be her half-brother. She wants so much more from their relationship. She shouldn’t have to look for him in other men, hoping to feel something different.

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4 thoughts on “Sam Golzine

  1. She’s the absolute best and complete worst of her parents rolled up into one person.

    I adore little Sam holding the gun. It looks like she’s learning to shoot?

    • That’s exactly Sam. 🙂 She’s the perfect mix.
      And that picture comes from this update, she was indeed learning to shoot with Jeong Sen (her grand-father’s righthand man).

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