Sen (Jeong Sen) Myung

Athletic, Natural cook, Handy, Never nude, Brave
Sen is the Korean bastard son of the Hei clan’s mafia boss and was used as an errand boy. His body is covered with tattoos that remind him that he is a Hei belonging. His first mission was to infiltrate Theo Golzine’s organization, get Theo to trust him and report to Mayor Yu Wong who had enlisted the services of the Chinese mafia. Betraying the Hei clan to help Theo instead almost cost him his life, but by doing so, he won his freedom as Theo literally bought him out.

Sen resolved to devote his life to serve that man. The fact that he had killed Theo’s mentor has long been an undiscussed topic between the two men.

Sen instructs Theo’s son in martial arts, and the two of them become quite close, although Nathaniel resents Sen’s secrecy about his old life. Faithful to Theo above all else, he reports to him all of Nathaniel’s comings and goings. He aches to see a wall building up between father and son, and getting Nathaniel to understand his father becomes one of his lifetime goals.

Later on, he will also teach Sam, Nathaniel’s daughter, to use firearms, although she was barely 10 at the time.

In the end, he died exactly the way he wanted: quickly, protecting Theo.

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