Seth Zay-Blake

Athletic, Unflirty, Inappropriate, Vehicle enthusiast, Slob
Seth is the son of a convicted murderer, and a thug himself.

After his mother committed suicide, he was taken in by his uncle Martin and aunt Anna. Though he has been a troublemaker, a bully and lived a wild life, he was grateful for their kindness and patience with him. Little things count for Seth.

He is a man of few words but always speaks his mind. He has chosen a path, and did so consciously. That’s why he changed his name and wears his father’s necklace, the one that is a reference to his own name. Seth, the Egyptian god of destruction.

He needed a wife that could handle him, and this he found in Carmen. He is definitely not a romantic, but everything he does aims at keeping his family and close friends safe and comfortable. Adrian is his childhood friend, even if all they do is insult each other. He is also a policeman upon whom Seth regularly calls to get classified information.

His life led Seth to Nathaniel Golzine often enough for him to trust the man and work for him. Although he does acknowledge that Nathaniel is his boss and acts formal around him when he feels like it, they never had a strictly hierarchical relationship. Seth does as he pleases, and does not hesitate to show annoyance or even tease Nathaniel. They have come to such a level of mutual trust that Nathaniel does not even need to speak for Seth to understand his intentions.

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