Stella Deville

Workaholic, Unflirty, Ambitious, Inappropriate, Commitment issues
Raised near a landfill in the marshes and saddled with dysfunctional parents, Stella didn’t really have a dreamy childhood. She mostly spent it taking care of her two little brothers, Joshua and Noah, and studying to come out of the slump she was in.

Romantic interests were far from her mind, but she still dated Alex Cooper. When she ditched him, he became even more infatuated with her and wouldn’t give up. Hard to say if she actually loves him or if she just allowed him to love her. She can be quite cold-hearted.

Stella was Prof. Ty Huey’s assistant in his genetic secret research on vampirism. She took over after his death, and is now the number one geneticist specialized on that matter. She is also the one who discovered the cure to vampirism, using panacea DNA.

She is strong and independent, it feels like she doesn’t need many people (if at all…) in her life. She is also a notorious workaholic, and can be oblivious to some details like her son Jessie being gay or her little brother Noah’s self-destructive tendencies.

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