Tara Cooper

Party animal, Mean spirited, Flirty, Grumpy, Hot-headed
Tara just can’t be a good girl. What is life worth if you don’t go wild? She is temperamental and cares very little for other people’s feelings. But she is also frank and lucid when it comes to emotions. That’s why even if she was aware that she had fallen in love with Thomas Leneuf, and even if she had wanted more than just that one night with him, she purposely threw him back in the arms of another. He didn’t really want her, not that way.

So in the end, while she had many love affairs, she got stuck with Viggo Golzine. They split up, got back together, then got married, divorced, then back together again… divorced and remarried for the second time. Their relationship is a roller-coaster. Viggo and Tara do have a lot in common, starting with the fact that both of them are happy-go-lucky party-goers. But all the while, the only man Tara really wanted was the unattainable Thomas. If he hadn’t been so serious and honest, she wouldn’t have loved him that much anyway.

But stubborn Tara wouldn’t completely give up. If she couldn’t have Thomas, then at least her daughter Abby will have his son…

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