Theo Golzine

“I am often described as a cold and uncompromising man. And I am, in a way. That is what it takes to single-handedly run the mob and a financial empire. I was a precocious child, and was secretly trained by Ludo Golzine to become heir instead of his son Viggo. My own father died for this legacy, I swore to protect it. Upon Ludo’s death, I was assigned a mentor, Cedric, who taught me not to trust anyone but myself. I can say I applied his words to the letter.

My right-hand man is Jeong Sen Myung. He might originate from the Chinese mob, but he is now fully devoted to me.”

“Emotions pertain to the intimate realm and should never be shown in public. I believe in a strong mindset and I never look back. Since my time is so valuable, I make a point of carefully choosing my battles.

I ask the same of my son, Nathaniel. That boy takes too much after his mother and needs to toughen up, even if that means I have to antagonize him. Nathaniel lets his emotions get the better of him and unfortunately makes poor life decisions. He fails to appreciate my involvement and we have been at daggers drawn for years.

It is not that I am heartless. I am human, I can feel compassion or offer forgiveness. Romance however does not interest me. My wife Ange is all I need. That she is 10 years younger than me has never been an issue, but I try at all costs to shield her innocence from the realities of my job. She surely deserves a much better man, but I am selfish and cannot give up on her.”

“I have many detractors, but it seems like people cannot help but turning to me for solving their quandaries. Mayor Yu Wong was so absurd as to try to manipulate me into mopping up after her.

My grand-daughter Sam has the annoying tendency of being unruly and undisciplined. But her perceptiveness and candidness have impressed me on quite a number of occasions.

In the course of my life, I consecutively faced vampires then blackmailed them into working for me on demand, I made a pact with a witch, I myself used magical artifacts, I set the Mayor up, I went looking for the last werewolf, I contended with various gangsters and petty criminals, I kidnapped my grand-daughter, I met his father’s ghost, and I cheated death by extending my life.

I took many lives. But I also saved many others. Including my son’s.”


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