Theo Golzine

Genius, Unflirty, Perfectionist, Charismatic, Disciplined
Theo Golzine is often described as a cold and a hard man. And he is, in a way. That’s what it takes to lead a mafia empire. From as long as one can remember, he has always been iron-willed and uncompromising. Was he ever a child? Protecting the Golzine legacy, making it thrive and training his descendants on their responsibilities has been his only focus throughout his life. And indeed, if Theo had one regret, it would be this one: his father Béranger passed away too quickly. Protecting the legacy is Theo’s way to mourn. He owes that much to his father. There are so many great things they could have done together.

His fierce belief in a strong heart makes it impossible for him to show his emotions. He asks the same of his son Nathaniel, thinking it will build up his armor. Nathaniel will unfortunately resent those harsh education principles.

But Theo is far from being heartless. There are several instances in which he shows compassion (sacrificing one of his wishes to save Eve’s life) or forgiveness (he hires Sen back, even after he has betrayed him). Whatever the outcome might be, he takes ownership for his decisions.

To say that Theo has many enemies is an understatement. Most of them he deals with the quick way. Mayor Yu Wong is one of his most prominent detractors, but she is more an annoyance to him than a real danger.

The only exception in his eyes… is his wife Ange. She is his safe haven, his shelter. He is different with her than he is with the rest of the world. Probably because she is different herself. He knows that she deserves a much better man than he is, but he cannot resolve to give her up. So he keeps her safe, as far away as possible from danger and from any taint.

In the course of his life, Theo consecutively forswore his mentor, faced vampires then coerced them into working for him, made a pact with a witch, used witchcraft artefacts himself, single-handedly built a financial empire, set the Mayor up, went looking for the last werewolf, contended with various gangsters and criminals, pretty much decided on his son’s love life, kidnapped his grand-daughter Sam to train her as his heiress, met his father’s ghost, and generally took many lives but saved many others, including his son’s…

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