Thomas Leneuf

Genius, Workaholic, Charismatic, Friendly, Born salesperson
Thomas comes from a blended family. His father was Béranger Golzine but he barely knew him as he was banned from seeing his children, then got assassinated anyway. He was also the only person in the family with whom Thomas had some kind of connection, along with his half-brother Theo Golzine.

Thomas’ first and only love is Adeline Moya. They had some ups and downs, mostly due to the fact that Thomas is overly chivalrous with damsels in distress and that Adeline is particularly jealous. Thankfully, he is somewhat naive when it comes to women, and doesn’t always realize the strength of feelings he conjures up with the ladies. Thomas and Adeline’s priorities have not always been aligned. Adeline is family-oriented while Thomas is ambitious and a workaholic. She often complained that he worked too much, which led in their early years to a break-up. Thomas consecutively sunk into depression and had several lovers, although only two of them (Katelyn and Tara) actually counted and tried to shake him off his self-destruction.

His cousin Martin is also his best friend and his handyman. Thomas is indeed very clumsy when it comes to fixing anything.

He is first and foremost a businessman. And a good one at that. He has managed several investment funds, with the help and support of his faithful assistant Babeth. This led him to face some dangerous individuals, starting with vampire Beau Merrick. Beau even managed to inculpate Thomas for forgery, but Theo Golzine saved his half-brother’s skin. Thomas then got involved in Yu Wong’s vampire masterplan, overseeing the production of canned plasma, and worrying his head over it.

At the end of his life, he discovers that he had hidden grand-children. His last years are spent at Annabelle’s side, his rebel grand-daughter that reminds him that there are many ways to change society.

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