Timothy Golzine

Virtuoso, friendly, absent-minded, computer whiz, star quality
Tim was born to be a star. Besides his undeniable talent in music and general good looks, he is able to manage celebrity but keep it simple at the same time. He works hard but it doesn’t feel like working to him because he simply does what he was born to do. He founded the band Sunrise on Pluto with Kyle and Ulrich, and was initially the leader, but being too forgetful, Kyle took over after their breakthrough.

Tim is very close to his family: he cares for his mother’s health, takes inspiration from his dad (Jacob Golzine, rock star himself) and is protective towards his big sister Emily (he can’t stand her arrogant partner).

He is in a relationship with Amber, their first and self-proclaimed number one fan, who helped the band getting gigs since their beginnings. Tim knows that they had broken up for some time, but the reasons are a bit blurry to him. Amber claims there was another girl, but how come he doesn’t remember it? As far as he’s concerned, there has always been Amber in his life.

Why does he keep thinking back to the summer camp he went to when he was a kid? It seems like he’s forgetting about someone important he met there.

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