Tristan de Lalaing

(before transformation) Brooding, Hopeless romantic, Family-oriented, Bookworm, Easily impressed
(after transformation) Brooding, Unflirty, Mean-spirited, Proper, Charismatic
Tristan is a multi-faceted man. He makes his first appearance when Yu Wong contacts him directly to convince him to move in to her city and to extend her invitation to other vampires. As one of the oldest vampires, he has an extensive knowledge of his kind. After moving in, he soon makes the acquaintance of Theo Golzine, and even challenges him to bite him. Then, he meets with Cain and Eve. Eve is pregnant at the time and he informs them that she is an Alma Mater. He gets closer to Eve, gradually instilling her with resentment towards Cain and the guilt she feels towards him.

Since losing his lover and unborn child to Gilles de Rais’s experiment, and even more since becoming a vampire himself, Tristan has become twisted. He has spent centuries hating his maker and failing to kill him. With time, his heart and thoughts got darker. When he was finally free from Gilles de Rais (he thought he had died), Tristan became obsessed with retrieving the child he lost. Once he discovered that Eve was an Alma Mater and could therefore bear his child, he set about separating her from Cain and seducing her.

As soon as she got pregnant though, he let his true intentions show and sequestrated her. Gradually, Eve will get to know more about her captor. He doesn’t keep her locked out of cruelty, but out of fear of loneliness. As scared as he is to lose her, he will also get more and more lenient.

He acts in the same way with his son Hugo, forbidding him to go outside.

Tristan began to have visions from his past: Agnès, the girl he loved, and Gilles de Rais murdering her. These announced his master’s return. Gilles de Rais’s revenge on Tristan will be to kidnap Hugo and make him his follower.
Eloise will be the one able to save Tristan’s soul. She gave him the strength he needed to face his maker. Since then, Tristan seems to have found peace within himself.

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