Viggo Golzine

Dramatic, Coward, Party animal, Snob, Loser
Viggo has a taste for theatrics. He is petty, overreacts, has a very high opinion of himself and when confronted with difficulties, tags himself as a victim. He doesn’t work, he just uses the family money to live in luxury. He is basically a good-for-nothing.

He was once in the direct line for succession and was delighted to be the Golzine heir. But after he got kidnapped, beaten, and had to be rescued (he fainted once he realized his nose was bleeding…), he was more than happy to leave the legacy and its dangers to Theo, whose father had been adopted into the family.

Viggo has a roller-coaster relationship with Tara Cooper. He is attracted to her, but she is so strong-willed that they butt heads most of the time.

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