Yasmine Rkha

Absent-minded, Easily impressed, Over-emotional, Shy, No sense of humor
Yasmine has always been one step behind. She is not very clever and speaks with a lisp, but she tries her best to smile every day, even when her mother insults her. Few people take the time to get to know her. In high school, she used to admire Jacob and Faith, they made such a perfect, dreamy couple.

Jacob took the time to know her. He was there for her when she got into trouble. He is her hero. She will never understand why he eventually chose her over Faith.

But here they are: Jacob is a famous rock star and together they have two children, Emily and Tim. She still thinks that there must have been a mistake, but she won’t question her luck.

And she won’t let Belinda, her orphaned teenage half-sister, in the lurch. The more the merrier!

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