Yu Wong

Genius, Ambitious, Coward, Grumpy, Workaholic
Yu’s heart filled with resentment and hatred the moment her father, the excellent Mayor Yann Wong, was assassinated. Even after she got her revenge and made sure the villain who killed him was dead himself… Yu never lost her anger.

But stronger than her anger burns her ambition. Deep inside, she is just a little girl who wants her father to be proud of her. So she tends to disregard the risks and the consequences of her decisions. She has schemes, plots and secret plans, and never reveals her game. She also made a habit to put the blame on Theo Golzine, a strategy that backfired more than once. Theo is her natural enemy, and there is nothing in the world that she hates more than being at a disadvantage in front of him. The man makes her hair stand on end and for some reason, he always finds a new way to annoy her.

Because she is stubborn, she moved forward with her very dangerous project involving vampires in her city…

Yu’s devoted bodyguard Ren became her lover, but she never married him, despite their having a daughter together.

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