Main Cast

There are many characters in AFATWG but here are the main ones. Names are clickable and will redirect you to a character page.

!!!!Character Pages may contain spoilers!!!!!

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Nathaniel Golzine (†)

The Boss

Theo Golzine (†)

Criminal Mastermind

Sam Golzine

(Heart) Thief

Ivy Brooks (†)

Partner in Crime

Ashley Blake


Seth Zay (†)

Head of Security

Jeong Sen Myung (†)

Personal Bodyguard

Laurie Golzine

Hacker Spare Heir

Erik Zay

Surrogate Big Brother

Jay Leneuf

Friendzoned Kind Idiot

Ralph Connery

Last Known Werewolf

Pippa Crewe

Insecure Local Witch

Tristan de Lalaing

Multi-faceted Squire

Hugo de Lalaing

Misunderstood Sociopath

Eloise Simson

Schizophrenic Samaritan

Eve Fangmann

Genetic Miracle

Cain Simson

Feisty Ombudsman

Risa Parsons

Blondie in Distress

Noah Deville

Capitalistic Womanizer

Emily Golzine

Elegantly Boho

Tim Golzine

Celeb Singer-songwriter

Liang Wong

Confucianist Politician

Elaine West

Witch of the West

Jamie Steel

Serial Surprise Kisser

Kyle Delmott

Indie Band Leader

Ulrich (Uli) Heilman

Off-topic Drummer

Millicent Langlois

Out-of-the-closet Follower

Lance Terrell (†)

Love Zealot

Béranger Golzine (†)

Mobster Despite Himself

Ange Golzine (†)

Innocence Personified

Viggo Golzine (†)

Spineless Fraud

Tara Cooper (†)

Girl Gone Wild

Thomas Leneuf (†)

Virtuous Businessman

Jacob Golzine (†)

Pop Idol

Martha Rosencrantz (†)

Ubiquitous Oddball

Gilles de Rais († ?)

Evil Overlord

Dr. Stella Deville

Workaholic Geneticist

Gabriel Leneuf

Well-meaning Ditherer

Abby Golzine

Red Whirlwind

Annabelle Duval

Rebel Without a Cause

Benjamin Duval

Level-headed Twin

Amelia Leneuf

Opinionated Housewife

Lucy Blake

Demure Ballerina

Yu Wong (†)

Shady Mayor

Josh Deville

Shaka Brah

Orian Zay (†)

Sniper for Hire