Eve Fangmann

  • Easily impressed
  • Good
  • Unlucky
  • Loner
  • Socially awkward

Eve was born from the union between a vampire and a human descendant from that first vampire. As a consequence, she has the extremely rare ability to bear vampire children. Oh, and she can also see ghosts! Poor Eve is a gentle soul who often feels responsible for other people’s happiness and is therefore an easy target for manipulators like Tristan. Her biggest regret is to have turned Cain, an innocent classmate, into a vampire like her. Guilt is what Eve feels the most keenly, and her relationship with Cain has been a rocky one, laced with resentment, shame and jealousy.

Eve and Cain both worked forcibly for Theo Golzine. Eve died once, but was resurrected thanks to Theo. Since then, she has felt that she was indebted to him.

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