Gilles de Rais

  • Charismatic
  • Evil
  • Genius
  • Proper
  • Ambitious

Baron Gilles de Rais was a medieval French lord who dabbled with the occult, looking for immortality. An accomplished potion master, his experiments on himself and on others resulted in the creation of the vampire race. Tristan was his first servant and the Baron enjoyed watching his internal struggles, struggling in a mix of hate, fear, awe and attraction. Ruthless, he never forgives and manipulated Tristan’s son, Hugo, into becoming his vassal.

The Baron appropriated the time machine, killing its inventor, and was able to prevent his own death through time travel, creating a time distorsion in the process. He became a necromancer thanks to his faithful servant Millicent, when she offered him a black dragon egg that allowed him to raise the dead. The Baron’s greatest secret is that he is still partially human: unlike his vampire spawns, he is still mortal (and fertile, I should add). The Grim Reaper only granted him an extension, out of curiosity and self-interest. The Baron is therefore extremely interested in mixing his own blood with the one of someone who holds the panacea: the unicorn blessing.

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