Orian Zay

  • Slob
  • Charismatic
  • Evil
  • Loner
  • Unflirty

Orian had an inscrutable personality and a dramatic life. Sentenced as a teenager to a youth detention center for involuntary manslaughter, he got later on hired as a sniper by a gangster rival of the Golzines. It was him who shot Mayor Yann Wong. He uses his girlfriend Laura as a cover, she finds him dark and mysterious.

Orian has a complex relationship with Violette. Although he clearly abused her when they were teenagers and he now acts like a stalker, hanging around her house, she has developed a Stockholm syndrome towards him. When he has to flee the city and keep a low profile following Mayor Wong’s assassination, he offers her to come with him to Great Bear, with their young son Seth. But reality catches up soon.

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