Pippa Crewe

  • Insane
  • Night owl
  • Socially awkward
  • Coward
  • Neurotic

Quirky, indecisive and a bit of a scaredy-cat, Pippa has often been called ‘crazy’, even by her twin Piper. Pippa tends to surrender too easily. She suffers from a serious lack of self-confidence and left her whole life behind the day she became a witch apprentice, erasing later on her family’s memories of her. When her mentor Martha passes away, she first wants to formally give up on her training, but witch prodigy Elaine and the Midnight Hollow coven sisters manage to restore some confidence in her. Similarly, she broke up with her childhood crush Tim (and erases his memories) because she was scared of their differences.

Pippa inherited Martha’s house in the marshes, as well as Bonehilda’s maid services. She gradually becomes acquainted with her customers’ odd requests: potions, seals and localization spells. Ralph has always been close to her, but when they share a kiss in the middle of a vampire fight, she finally decides to forget that he is immortal and that she cannot have children. Since that fight, the left part of her face is scarred by a curse that bounced back.

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