Sam Golzine

  • Genius
  • Heavy sleeper
  • Perceptive
  • Daredevil
  • Flirty

Sam is heiress to the Golzine clan. She is extremely strong-willed and has a tendency to get restless if she doesn’t jump into action. She was an unruly child, and was taught self-defense and use of firearms early on. Growing up, she idolized her father but he lost her trust when he revealed that he had a child with another woman, the very boy Sam was in a relationship with.

Ashley is her half-brother, but the feelings they have for each other run deeper and are tainted with taboo. As much as she blames her father, she is desperate for affection, looking for the ghost of what she experienced in the arms of other men.


  1. She’s the absolute best and complete worst of her parents rolled up into one person.

    I adore little Sam holding the gun. It looks like she’s learning to shoot?


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