Jeong Sen Myung

  • Athletic
  • Natural cook
  • Handy
  • Never nude
  • Brave

Sen was the Korean bastard son and errand boy of a Chinese mob boss. His body covered with tattoos marks him as a belonging of the Hei clan. His first mission was to infiltrate Theo Golzine’s organization, and report to Mayor Yu Wong who was at the time colluding with the Chinese mob. Betraying them to help Theo instead almost cost him his life, but Theo bought his freedom in exchange. Since then, Sen has been fully devoted to the man.

Sen was Nathaniel‘s martial arts instructor, and the two of them bonded easily. But Sen has always been secretive about himself, and remained loyal to Theo above all else, reporting all of Nathaniel’s comings and goings. He would have liked to live long enough to see father and son understand each other better.

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