Yu Wong

  • Genius
  • Ambitious
  • Grumpy
  • Coward
  • Workaholic

Yu never lost the resentment she felt when her father, the previous mayor, was assassinated, and turned it into ambition. Stubborn, she tends to overlook the consequences of her actions, supposedly for the greater good but in reality to satisfy her own interests. She schemes, plots, and wheels and deals. When she discovers the existence of vampires, she engages in a risky game by secretly inviting them to her city…

Her favorite scapegoat is Theo Golzine, even if trying to blame him for everything bad unvariably backfires on her. Theo having access to bigger means, she often has to turn to him for help, or even team up with him. Yu broke off with Wong tradition by not marrying (although she did have a child with her bodyguard).

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