Summaries/Chapter List

Below, the summaries to the various Parts, written so that those who wish to be caught up, but do not want to suffer through the gazillion previous posts, may do so. Each of them is subdivided into families as many plots are happening at the same time. Please note that the story just goes on from one Part to the other.

Another way to quickly catch up would be to read the Character Focus I made on Tumblr. It goes through various characters, detailing their life and making connections between events. If you don’t want to read all the summaries, this would be the best workaround to start reading around the middle of Fifth Part directly (chapter 680).🙂

First Part 001-152 (click to read full summary)

Quick synopsis:

  • It all started with them and it will probably end with them. The Golzines are the ones who are ultimately controlling the city. Learn about Theo’s tough upbringing and his meeting with sweet Ange.
  • The Leneuf family is  a branch of the Golzines. The story mainly revolves around Thomas Leneuf, a workaholic businessman. Thomas meets the woman of his dream, and goes through a series of ups and downs with her.
  • The Blake family started with 3 brothers, and is now a widely spread name around town. The family branches are as varied as can be and involved with different plotlines. But the most prominent figures would be the Gen 2 Blake siblings: Martin the gentle, eco-friendly fireman, Violette the angsty, unstable introvert, and Faith the moody “geek chic” in love with Jacob Golzine.
  • Next up is the Wong family, the age-old Chinese matriarchy, politicians generation after generation! They have always been good leaders, but since Yu Wong and her thirst for power, things have gone awry. Second-born Rose Wong takes over the legacy while her shunned older sister Helena rejects traditions and starts a family with Adonis Golzine.
  • Viggo Golzine, the pure-blood of the family, who has no interest whatsoever in the legacy, except for the money. He is more worried about getting a crease on his suit.
  • Three childhood friends from the orphanage: wild Tanya, bookish Ty and plump Darrick. Their destiny will change forever when supernatural events hit them hard. About how Tanya gets involved with a vampire… and the consequences that follow.
  • Meet the little brothers of some characters from the side stories, Chris Daumillier, who stumbles upon an uncommon mysterious woman, and Louis Simson, who doesn’t seem to know what to do with his life.

First Part Chapter Full List (in French only! Please refer to the summary instead)

Second Part 153-281 (click to read full summary)


Quick synopsis:

  • Theo Golzine and Ange’s relationship gets marred by various events… including supernatural ones.
  • Thomas Leneuf gets saved from ruin by his half-brother Theo Golzine.
  • Violette Blake steals the show, with her unsound relationship with criminal Orian Zay.
  • Jacob Golzine, the worthy heir of Adonis Golzine’s line, fights for his dream and falls in and out of love.
  • Little Yu Wong grows up and gets dangerously ambitious ideas.
  • Tanya’s daughter, Eve, deals with her fate and possibly finds love in the midst of a constant struggle for power.
  • Chris Daumillier will both win and lose at the same time.
  • The peculiar story of the Parsons family of farmers: with a rebel, an autistic boy and a tomboy, life is not a bed of roses.
  • Three teenagers in a triangle love relationship (Basil Lazlo, Holly Huey and Vanessa Cooper), that seems commonplace. But all are family members of characters from Side Stories.
  • Ambitious Stella Deville is anxious to raise above her low background and climb up the social ladder through her scientific career.
  • We will also quickly catch up with the peaceful life of other minor characters.

Second Part Chapter Full List

Third Part 282-486 (click to read full summary)


Quick synopsis:

  • Theo Golzine further hardens his ways, fights vampires and political power… and his son Nathaniel grows up to become a man.
  • Thomas Leneuf’s children, Amelia and Gabriel, take over the story with their own relationships and mishaps.
  • Going through Seth Blake’s childhood, teenage years and early adulthood, and how he met some people who will influence his life.
  • Jacob Golzine rises to fame, and his children, Emily and Timothy, grow up and take over the legacy.
  • Yu Wong carries on with her crazy ‘project’ and alternatively conflicts or forms an alliance with Theo Golzine.
  • Cain and Eve learn about the origins of vampirism, and get more and more alienated from each other.
  • We meet Louis Simson again and he finally seems to settle down, while Chris Daumillier finds an unexpected new love.
  • The Parsons legacy continues, mainly through Risa Parsons and her relationship with some… Nathaniel Golzine. Autistic Sacha Parsons has found a home with his best friend Evelyne Cornel and her family.
  • Stella Deville gets involved in a secret project research. And her two little brothers, Joshuah and Noah, also step into the limelight.
  • We will also quickly catch up with the peaceful life of other minor characters.

Third Part Chapter Full List

Fourth Part 487-634 (click to read full summary)


Quick synopsis:

  • Nathaniel Golzine, forever torn between past and present, finds himself confronted with dangerous opponents while his relationship with Ivy is put at stake.
  • Gabriel Leneuf and his family take over the legacy. Gabriel still has to deal with his past mistakes, and save his marriage.
  • Is there bad blood in Seth Zay? That’s the question his relatives seem to ponder on.
  • Noah Deville‘s ambition leads him straight to unversity where he meets Emily Golzine again. He has never stopped thinking about her…
  • Fei, the Wong heiress, doesn’t seem interested in her legacy. Yu Wong sees an arranged marriage as the only issue.
  • While humans struggle to go through life, supernaturals have their own problems. Be it vampires, werewolf… or fairies?
  • Risa Parsons has had the misfortune of falling in love with the wrong person. With consequences.
  • Witch legacies are as interesting as any other! Follow Pippa Crewe during her apprenticeship as the new local witch!
  • Penelope Crewe doesn’t care what love is. Except when her horse riding instructor leaves abruptly. She then takes decisions, Penelope-style.
  • We will also quickly catch up with the peaceful life of other minor characters.

Fourth Part Chapter Full List

Fifth Part 635 – 726 (click to read full summary)


Quick synopsis:

(to come)

Fifth Part Chapter Full List


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