First Part Summary (001 – 152)

Golzine Family

Theo Golzine is the heir of the richest and most dangerous family in town. The Golzine have been mafia leaders who control the whole city, its financial market owning multiple companies and its underground traffic. Following his father’s brutal death, he was taken under the wing of Ludo Golzine, the godfather himself.

[Image: 209_zps4db81e30.jpg]

He was but a child then, but remembers that only his half-brother Thomas felt empathy for him.
Ludo had for a long time deceived everyone by letting people think his heir would be his idiotic and cowardly son Viggo. He had adopted Béranger, an illegitimate child, into the family so that he could be an interim leader until Viggo was old enough. He was soon impressed by the man, to the point of letting him not only divorce from a good match, but also live his love for his half-sister Paule. Theo was therefore born from a forbidden relationship that remained confidential, and proved himself to be just like his father: brave, determined and acutely intelligent. Paule and Theo were chased away from the family when Béranger got murdered, but Ludo made Paule promise her son would secretly be trained as his heir, on the condition that he would renounce to the illegal part of the Golzine activities.

[Image: 54a_zps20694f73.jpg]

Ludo lied: he had no intention of abandoning the shady part of the business, and feeling death come his way, he arranged for his right-arm man, Cedric, to become Theo’s tutor and reveal the whole scheme when he was older.

[Image: 228_zpse7bda2f3.jpg]

Cedric was a good mentor to Theo and the closest he ever got to a father figure. When Theo became of age, Cedric told him the truth about Ludo’s real intentions. It didn’t come as a surprise to the perceptive Theo, but he ordered Cedric not to tell anything to his mother, shouldering the burden by himself.

[Image: 733a_zps811ed8e0.jpg]

As Viggo was anyway shirking from his responsibilities, Theo became the official Golzine leader and felt he had to make himself respected: he fired Cedric, coldly pointing out he had learnt from him not to become attached to anyone.

[Image: 952_zpsc3b87aec.jpg]

But Theo hadn’t met love yet, and love stroke him when he met Ange, a girl a great deal younger than him.

[Image: 1004_zps2860aee0.jpg]

Ange was everything he was not: innocent, sweet, naive and dreamy. She made him feel more human just by being by his side. Aware of the age gap between them, he was terrified to scare her away if she came to know how he felt for her, but for reasons he couldn’t fathom, she seemed to enjoy his company immensely. After much hesitating on both parts, they kissed on a fateful evening under the stars and continued to see each other secretly, Theo hiding his real activities from her.

[Image: 1094_zps5fda98d7.jpg]

But they were found out by Ange’s brother Jacob, and consequently discovered what they never bothered to ask: they share the same family name, even though they are not blood-related. This also meant that Adonis Golzine, Ange’s father, although not involved with the Golzine family, had a strong suspicion about Theo’s real identity. If Adonis warned Theo that he could not approve of their relationship, he just couldn’t share his doubts with his daughter, trusting her to learn the truth by herself and draw her own conclusions.

[Image: 3268_zps6591cdf0.jpg]

Leneuf Family

Thomas Leneuf is the son of the Golzine family adopted heir, Béranger, who had him and his sister Laura with a wife whom he didn’t love when he was not adopted yet (which is why Thomas and Laura bear Béranger’s initial family name). He had a disturbed childhood, who ended brutally when his parents got divorced and his hysteric mother Leona forbade Béranger to see his children again. She didn’t know it but it would come true: Béranger got killed in an ambush. Thomas was sent to a boarding school, and still suffers from trauma of feeling abandoned, materialized by anxiety attacks. When his mother got married for the third time, he was almost a teenager and very much aware that he had nothing in common with her and his overly-protected sister. He misses his father, the only person with whom he felt an affinity, but has no more connection with the Golzine, except with Theo, his half-brother, now heir of the family.

Adeline Moya is the daughter of Filiberto and Gina. Gina was just a girl when she inherited a huge mansion which her big heart led her to convert into an orphanage. She met Filiberto, then a petty thief who left his country so that we wouldn’t be a burden to his family. Together, they ran the orphanage and had two daughters later in life: Adeline and Grace. Adeline has always wanted a simple life in the countryside, and is very devoted to her family. She is very close to her sister, but not that much to the orphans, who were already of age by the time she was born. She trusts Thomas but is prone to jealousy fits whenever a woman gets too close to him.

[Image: 64_zps3fab506e.jpg]

Thomas and Adeline fell in love at first sight, have spent all their teenage years together and were even engaged, but ended up breaking up after Thomas became too much of a workaholic.

[Image: 337a_zps5e9632fd.jpg]

Thomas tried to forget Adeline by multiplying one-night stands, while Adeline found some comfort in the arms of a colleague named Felipe, with whom she shares the same cultural traditions.

[Image: 388e_zpsb7126484.jpg]

Katelyn Missoni, one of the girls Thomas spent a night with, stuck around a bit longer, but eventually left him, declaring she wasn’t ready to pick up the pieces.

[Image: 450_zps94b3a497.jpg]

She nevertheless went to see Adeline just to let her know about Thomas’ bitter condition. He also involuntarily induced his assistant Babeth Lauper into believing he was interested in her, and had to reject her advances, breaking her heart in the process.

[Image: 419_zps0714d79c.jpg]

It will finally be Tara Cooper who stirred him up in her weird ways, in love with him for years but accepting he would never be hers. She shook him out of the self-destruction round of alcohol and drugs he had started to build up.

[Image: 519_zpsd0442dae.jpg]

Shortly after this, Thomas discovered that Beau, his boss whom he already suspected of being a shark, was carrying out illegal activities. He decided to publicly disclose the information, but not without saving Babeth’s neck before bringing the company down.

[Image: 632_zpsc804a99b.jpg]

Beau retaliated by alluding to Adeline and his affection for her.

[Image: 659_zpsa7653476.jpg]

This was pure bluff as Beau left the city for good that night, but Thomas took the threat very seriously and convinced Adeline to let him take her to a safe place. The next day, it was clear to both of them that they still loved each other.

[Image: 679_zpsbe04c5e2.jpg]

Adeline broke up with Felipe, and Thomas made a deal with her: they would live in the countryside and he would devote more time to his family. He also found a very uninteresting job as a company clerk. They got married, and subsequently made two children: Amelia, then Gabriel. Thomas has been striving ever since to keep in touch with his former network, and finally got rewarded by a proposal from a famous producer who wanted him to manage the slumbering recording company he had set up but never found the time to deal with.

[Image: 3129_zps93df522c.jpg]

He jumped on that opportunity, even though Adeline got mad at him for changing his priorities. He also hired Babeth as his assistant again, naively presuming she had gotten over him.

 Zay Family

Orian’s father was a macho soldier and his submissive mother worked as a masseuse. They had a sick relationship, strongly dominated by the abusive Rich. The latter did not care what his son saw or heard, beating up his mother in front of him. As soon as he grew old enough though, Orian started to rebel against his father’s behavior, up to the point of killing him with his own gun when he threatened to use it on his mother.

[Image: 603_zps6b534995.jpg]

Orian was still a minor and got minimal penalty. He had noticed one of his classmates, Violette Blake, because some of the boys were talking about her like some kind of angel, and he wanted to see her soiled. He then couldn’t help but play with her a bit longer. When in prison, it was Laura Leneuf who came to see him.

[Image: 975_zps61650c31.jpg]

He doesn’t like her diva attitude and melodramatic behavior, but she presented him with a place to come home to and he was ready to deceive her if that meant he could do his business without any questions asked. Orian got his hands on a gun as soon as he was out of prison and got hired as a hitman for Reagan Richmond, a wannabe gangster. He is difficult to read, but it seems as if he harbors genuine feelings of love towards Violette, the very girl he broke.
[Image: 3236_zpse18ab240.jpg]

Laura Leneuf has developed a kind of fascination for Orian, even though she doesn’t see his real nature.

[Image: 328_zpsea8a95d0.jpg]

She threw herself at him and doesn’t believe he is guilty of anything he was charged of. She has no idea what he is really up to. Laura is a spoilt child who always got what she wanted. Her mother couldn’t refuse her anything and she went into the habit of never listening to anyone but herself. In the end, even Leona realized that her daughter only came to her to ask for money and their relation quickly deteriorated. Laura left the family house as soon as she became of age, begging her brother Thomas to give her shelter. Thomas reluctantly accepted, but Laura soon became so impossible to manage that he kicked her out.

[Image: 715_zpse7740315.jpg]

She rented a small beach house, living off her mother’s money, completely unaware of Orian’s activities since he’s been released but perfectly content to have him at her side.

Blake Family

Martin Blake is Thomas Leneuf’ s cousin and best friend. He is the elder son of Keith Blake, a military, and Karen Ferguson, a sportswoman, who had him when they were still in high school. His parents have never been conformists and Martin is very open-minded as a result. He is cool, nice and caring. He has two younger sisters, named Violette and Faith, both of them very different.

[Image: 1019_zps85ed6a38.jpg]

He was in a very brief relationship with Tara Cooper when he was a teenager, which was more of a momentary fling, before realizing he actually loved his tomboyish best friend Anna Daumillier when she got mugged.

[Image: 14zzzza_zps91a75c54.jpg]

They have been together ever since, even when Anna got a bit of a gender identity crisis, and refused to let him touch her. It was in France, away from the pressure, that she finally let go of her fears. Martin’s got a job as a firefighter, which suits him just fine, being more manual than intellectual, the exact opposite of Thomas Leneuf who always asks him for help to repair a broken TV.

[Image: 485_zps3c2bba36.jpg]

Anna Daumillier is the middle child of Paul and Lucille Daumillier. She has always behaved like a boy, but fell in love with her best friend when she saw him with another girl. Even so, she was very reluctant to let him do anything but kiss her.

[Image: 132_zps453cc07c.jpg]

Anna has an elder sister, Lea, happily married, and a baby brother named Chris whom she used to take for a stroll but who was actually a pretext to see Martin. She had some trouble finding her path in life, but after her holidays in France with Martin, she decided to become a nectar maker. She isn’t very successful, but she loves gardening and the outdoors. After having met a little girl called Sandy Parsons who looked exactly like her when she was young, she let go of her fears of having a child.

[Image: 749_zpsdb854b72.jpg]

Martin and Anna are now the proud parents of little Johan, and live peacefully in their cottage.

[Image: 893_zps8db99161.jpg]


Violette and Faith Blake have only a one-year difference and have always been very close to each other.

[Image: 14zzzze_zpse416b09f.jpg]

Violette is the shy one while Faith is the little devil. Violette is as blond as her sister is a brunette. Faith had a precocious puppy love with Jacob Golzine, and they were a couple for many years after.

[Image: 317_zps844243ea.jpg]

Faith’ personality is not an easy one, and although she is gentle at heart, she is very pushy and authoritative. She didn’t realize it, but because of her jealousy and her constant need for affection, she alienated Jacob from her as years went by. Even after they broke up, she convinced herself he was still in love with her, and was persuaded he was purposedly pestering her.

[Image: 2069_zpsa0488d99.jpg]

All this was only a reflection of her own mind, as she cruelly found out when she discovered he was seeing someone else. It took years before she felt able to perhaps love another man.

[Image: 3086_zps6ada70da.jpg]

Her relationship with Jacob left her deep scars. She likes Chester Crewe, her current boyfriend who left his girlfriend to be with her, but she knows she will never love him as much as she loved Jacob. Chester seems more like a good friend to her, even if she admits there is a bit more to it.

[Image: 3296_zps7992b2bd.jpg]

Of the two sisters though, Violette is the most distressed. She is not only shy, she is completely withdrawn. She was pretty normal before, but that was before she met Orian Zay. The teenager abused her while she was alone with him, and she cannot get rid of the guilt she feels for letting him have his way.

[Image: 299_zpse6ea2d0d.jpg]

She couldn’t tell anyone, even her sister, all the more as Orian, although openly going out with another girl, kept on harassing her. Her maelstrom of emotions burst out when she became the center of attention of two boys of her class, Chris Daumillier and Louis Simson. Although friends, they started fighting over her, without caring one bit if she liked either of them and simply imposing their feelings on her.

[Image: 314_zps8efc7313.jpg]

Violette closed her soul to anyone, especially men. Her mother took her to a psychiatrist, but it didn’t do her any good.

[Image: 506_zps063e3d25.jpg]

She felt worse than ever when Orian got jailed for murder with mitigating circumstances, and that Laura Leneuf, Orian’s girlfriend, accused her of having aggravated his sentence with false accusations. She started wearing black and attempted to commit suicide.

[Image: 837_zpscfe84fe5.jpg]

She somehow managed to deal with her angst by painting whatever anguished picture she had in mind. But what changed her mindset happened when she bumped into Orian after he got released and he kissed her. As he kept on hanging around her place, she faced him and told him she wasn’t scared of him anymore. She had finally accepted her Stockholm syndrome, and they shared a passionate kiss.

[Image: 3286_zps786c1289.jpg]

Wong Family

The Wong family is the family of the city’s politician leaders. It is a matriarchy of Chinese origin and very traditional in its values. They have their own recipe for women to get a baby girl (watermelons, would you have guessed?). The girl will then marry a distant Wong cousin with whom she’ll usually be engaged from birth. The girl or her husband will become the next politician leader and heir. And so the bloodline is carried over to the next generation. Mei Li was mayor at that time and she had two girls with Robbie: Helena, the firstborn and next heiress, and Rose. Giving them English names was already a break from tradition, but she didn’t know what would follow. Helena was the most beautiful girl you could imagine, and more an artist than a leader of men. She fell in love with Adonis Golzine.

[Image: 14zzzzzp_zps59532107.jpg]

Adonis is Ludo Golzine’s nephew. His father is Sid, the black sheep of the Golzine family and a notorious womanizer. He finally met his match with Victoria Lazlo, a sculptural African girl, who managed to tie the knot and bore him a son. Adonis is a mixed-race, with his father’s blue eyes and his mother’s passion for music. He has never been involved with the other side of the Golzine family, and has never cared much for them. His only interest in life is his guitar and Helena. When he learnt that she was going to marry one of her cousins, he first tried to discuss it with her parents directly, going as far as suggesting to abandon his own name but they appeared to be inflexible, especially Mei Li. Sick at heart, Helena renounced to her legacy and her name, in order to be able to live with Adonis. Her little sister Rose became the next heiress and cousin Yann Wong’s future wife.

[Image: 144_zps83c2e1e4.jpg]

Rose Wong was ready to help her sister live her life, and at the same time wanted to prove to her parents that they could rely on her. She was the one who went to China to be officially presented to the elders.

[Image: 151_zpse1092c1b.jpg]

Yann was very patient and kind to her, and she ended up loving him for real. He was very smart and had a real knack with politics, so it soon became obvious that he would be the one to take over the city’s management, with Rose supporting him in his role. In accordance with the Wong tradition, they had a girl to whom they gave a Chinese name, Yu, to emphasize the respect of the elders.
Adonis may be a music genius but he is clearly not a businessman. He founded a band, the Better Late Than Never, together with his best friend Sylvain Cooper, Terry Deville and Lucas Blake, but never quite managed to make it through.

[Image: 591_zps50f33b0f.jpg]

He and Helena lived on a meager salary, although as happy as can be.

[Image: 95_zpsd9b1ff27.jpg]

They had two children: Jacob and Ange.
Jacob is now a young adult and tries to follow his father’s footsteps in the music industry. He got his chance when a producer crossed his path and was convinced by his talent.

[Image: 3110_zps1b7b8895.jpg]

He had a very long relationship with Faith Blake, but broke up with her when he became of age and realized he had never been able to make any friends nor take any decision in life because of her control freak tendency. Jacob is very protective when it comes to weaker people like his sister, or Yasmine Rkha, a girl from his class who got kicked out of her house as soon as she became able to earn her own living but who is completely clueless of the ways of the world.

[Image: 1075a_zps5595d1ce.jpg]

They became closer after Jacob’s breakup with Faith and he saved her from a crazy roommate. Yasmine is Faith’ very opposite: gullible, positive, a bit of a klutz and a crybaby.

[Image: 2046_zpsd433f5bc.jpg]

She liked Jacob a lot but never dreamed he could fall for her. But it happened: Jacob kissed her and they now share the same roof.

[Image: 3030_zpsabfa21e4.jpg]

Ange has never meddled with other children: she just felt like she didn’t belong. Games or toys never held any interest to her. She is away in her own world, made of her mother’s art books and her father’s music. And then she literally bumps into that young man at the library.

[Image: 997_zps8378f5d5.jpg]

He shares her interests and seems to understand her. He looks like a rich and busy man, but he always finds the time to see her. He lets her drive his Aston Martin. He takes her to fancy restaurants. He likes looking at stars. She knows his name is Theo.

Viggo Golzine (branch family)

Viggo should have been the new Golzine heir, being the son of Ludo and his wife Natalya. But Viggo is also particularly stupid and vain, more interested in girls than in the family affairs. He has never really understood what the family business was, the only part of the legacy that really mattered to him was the enormous fortune his father would leave behind him. He never liked his father anyway, perhaps because he knew he considered him as a good-for-nothing, which shows that Viggo can sometimes have moments of insight. His mother though, as air-headed as he is and coming from a lower background, was very eager to have her son proclaimed as family heir, and was only satisfied when Paule and her son Theo, who were endangering Viggo’s natural rights, were chased out of the house.

[Image: 59_zps275326f2.jpg]

But then, Viggo was kidnapped by Reagan, a gangster who believed him to be Ludo’s official successor, and ended up getting rescued by Theo and his tutor Cedric.

[Image: 532_zps92822444.jpg]

Both mother and son suddenly realized what it meant to be the Golzine heir, and were more than happy to step aside, provided they got the money in the end. They have kept the Golzine manor after Ludo’s death and still live there.

Viggo has always had a turbulent relationship with Tara Cooper. They were dating when they were teenagers, but then again, Tara was dating quite a lot of boys. Growing wearied of him, she broke up with Viggo when they left high school. Red-headed Tara is straightforward, about as flirty as she is fickle, and keeps on bickering with everyone in sight, especially when she was a teen and went through a phase where she felt she was misunderstood. When everyone started to avoid her, Thomas Leneuf was the only one who told her off for her behavior. She began to feel interested in him, but knew he had a strong relationship with Adeline Moya. But more than this, she knew she was not the right person for him and that it wouldn’t work out. When Thomas and Adeline broke up and Thomas went on the wrong track, Tara returned him the favor by making him face his issues instead of avoiding them, spending a night with him in the process.

[Image: 512_zps2f04d196.jpg]

Tara went back to Viggo after his comical fake death bed scene at the hospital, as she was genuinely worried about him.

[Image: 550_zpsa2152070.jpg]

Even if they always quarrel with each other, they both understand deep down that they are two of a kind. They got engaged, then married, and have a daughter named Abigail.

[Image: 692_zpsf4417e71.jpg]

But Tara’s temper got the better of her and they divorced after a few years of constant bickering. Viggo was a doting father and is very unhappy without his little Abby. He misses Tara as well, but is too stubborn to admit it: they have fun together, driven as they are by a life of pleasure and luxury. Amusingly, Tara tries to bring her daughter closer to Thomas’ son, Gabriel, to release her frustration of not being able to be with Thomas himself.

[Image: 3198_zps936327b2.jpg]

Tara has a big brother, Sylvain, conceited but quite harmless. He is part of Adonis Golzine’s band and married Mary Jane, a fan who later became their manager. They have two children: Vanessa and Alex.

[Image: 1049_zps972aef89.jpg]

Huey/Fangmann Families

The first three children to be invited to the newly opened orphanage were Ty Huey, Tanya Gutierrez and Darrick Bohn.

Ty was the oldest and got romantically involved with Tanya for a while, but it didn’t last long because of her quick temper. He is a bit of a geek and became a geneticist after graduating. He accidently met one of his favorite actresses, Julia Layton, and they hit it off.

[Image: 79_zps132d5188.jpg]

They are now married with a child, Holly, one of the most obnoxious girls alive.

Tanya Gutierrez has always been reckless and easily bored. She is very good-looking, and a bit of a rebel at heart.

[Image: TanyaGutierrez_zps28f29ec5.jpg]

Darrick and Ty are her childhood friends, but they got entangled in a love triangle. Darrick Bohn is a shy, kind and chubby boy, who never asked to get involved in anything but always ended up into trouble because of Tanya. He has always been in love with her, even though he knows it is one-sided.
After having left the orphanage, the trio moved in together, feeling more comfortable between them than with strangers. Ty was already a scientist, and Tanya enrolled in the police while Darrick got hired as a pastry chef. One of the police officers she worked with particularly intrigued Tanya. She worked closely with him on a case where adolescents were being abducted and couldn’t remember what happened to them. Officer William Fangmann seemed to know more than he showed, and she started to follow him around.

[Image: 33_zpsea2baa81.jpg]

This is how she came to discover the existence of vampires. Will confessed his own vampire condition and that he knew who the aggressor was. He had stopped drinking people’s blood when he found out he could live off the juice of a specific plant, but a female vampire allowed him on her territory on the condition that he would let her hunt for herself. Elvira had recently started to attack teenagers and he couldn’t put up with it anymore. She escaped several times while Tanya and Will fell more and more in love with each other. The climax was reached when Darrick took a lethal hit from Elvira who was aiming at Tanya. Tanya shot her down in a fit of rage.

[Image: 47_zps2ec767d1.jpg]

Following Darrick’s death, Tanya felt like she owned an explanation to Ty and told him the whole truth. Ty warned her about the dangerous implications of a love story between a human and a vampire, but Tanya wouldn’t listen to him.

[Image: 72_zps22b81b3d.jpg]

She and Will took an apartment, and were surprised when Tanya got pregnant. Their child was a vampire as well, a girl named Eve. She grew up as a normal teenage girl, with some peculiar powers (like the ability to see ghosts) and a tendency to wear too much make-up, but without any particular attraction to blood.

[Image: 3047_zps9650b1c4.jpg]

In his spare time, Ty worked relentlessly, albeit secretly, on Will’s DNA and the possibility to find a remedy to vampirism. He succeeded but the remedy could be either poisonous or healing. Will didn’t hesitate to take the risk and became human again, although he grew immediately older as a side effect.

[Image: 573_zps6f54210c.jpg]

Tanya and Will made another child, human this time, a boy named Ronan.

Daumillier/Simson Families

Chris Daumillier is Anna’s brother. He is not a bad person, but he has a feeble personality. He takes himself too seriously, getting carried away by his emotions, and is exceptionally blind to his surroundings. He is also quite nosy, and loves everything out of the ordinary, which led him to become a private eye, although unsuccessful.

[Image: 888_zps770eecf7.jpg]

As a teenager, he quarreled with his best friend Louis over the same girl, Violette Blake, both making fools of themselves and scaring her away. They didn’t speak for years, but made up when they realized it was not worth fighting anymore.

[Image: 871_zps2fe661d2.jpg]

They are now sharing an apartment.
Chris fell in love with his first client: Chloe Savigny.

[Image: 930_zps4dc27a45.jpg]

She was an elegant, sexy woman and was amused to see he didn’t recognize her. She was in fact a porn star who wanted Chris to investigate one of her friends’ suspicious death. This led Chris on Reagan Richmond’s trail, not realizing Reagan was actually leading the porn industry and incidentally Chloe’s lover.

[Image: 2011_zps046c3459.jpg]

While he was trying to gather proof for her, he touched Chloe’s heart who saw in him a candid man who didn’t judge her life. They started seeing each other, not really knowing where this would end.

Louis Simson does not have bad intentions, but he can be a bully sometimes. He was childhood friend with Violette and tried to use this as an advantage in the race to win her heart. He is quite handy though, and could make a good plumber if he wasn’t lazy at the same time… Louis doesn’t really know what to do with himself, so he just hangs around with girls. He never had a girlfriend who stayed with him longer than a night. He also tends to like older women. He had a one-night stand with Tara Cooper for example.

[Image: 3339_zps6280f929.jpg]

He’s got a little brother named Cain, now a teenager. Cain is the average popular boy. He is in love with Ange Golzine but she turned him down.

[Image: 3056_zpscba0a9bd.jpg]

He is still obsessed with her though.


Now you can directly jump  to the first chapter of the Second Part: Bitter Ending.

Chapter List here (in French only).


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