Fourth Part Summary (487 – 634)

Golzine Family

Theo has strange ways of teaching his son through experience : without any explanations, he throws Nathaniel on the path of Ralph Connery the werewolf, and Martha Rosencrantz, the witch. Nathaniel and Ralph surprisingly hit it off though, but Nathaniel is extremely upset by his father’s secrets and warns him not to leave him in the dark again.


The new heir to the legacy is born and it’s a girl. Ivy decides unilaterally to call her ‘Sam’, a boy’s name, hoping to give her an edge in a man’s world. But after giving birth, Ivy doesn’t feel that being a mother fulfills her purpose in life and is still desperately looking for something to do with herself. She begins to get bitter towards Nathaniel, who is away most of the time.


Trouble arises when vampire Tristan de Lalaing shows up at the Golzine estate, arguing that he has been questioned by a journalist looking into Yu Wong’s vampire project and that things could get dangerous if the media digs too deep into the business. The journalist being Risa Parsons, Nathaniel’s ex-girlfriend, he takes the matter very seriously and sends his henchman, Seth Zay, tailing Risa.


As Sam grows up and becomes a child, she is quickly taken under Theo’s wing who becomes her private instructor. Although she stands in awe of her terrible grand-father, she is also wild and unruly, and frequently runs away from the pressure of her studies, to Theo’s frustration. Having gone through the same hardships, Nathaniel cannot blame her and tries to give her some space for herself by convincing Theo to let her play soccer with other kids her age.


Ralph comes back from a long trip in search of a remedy to his curse, and immediately seeks out Nathaniel. Not only has he missed an opportunity to become human again, but he was also attacked by a vampire that seems dangerously different. He also declares to have severed all ties with the government and to be living for himself.


Theo is growing old, and asks Sen a question that has always been a taboo between them. Sen confirms the fact that he killed Cedric, Theo’s mentor, by Yu Wong’s command.


While Sam is looking for affection and takes to sleeping in other people’s beds, Ivy and Nathaniel’s relationship deteriorates. Ivy clearly sets out her thoughts to Nathaniel: she wants to work with him and be his partner. However, Nathaniel is not so thrilled at her idea, nor at the very physical way she uses to make her request. They end up a little bit further apart from each other.


The dangerous vampire, whose name turns out to be Baron Gilles de Rais, appears to have come after Ralph, like he said he would. But digging into Yu Wong’s project makes him stumble across Risa, in whom he seems a bit too much interested. He kidnaps her, but not without Seth warning Nathaniel of their whereabouts. Nathaniel and Ralph step in right before the Baron could bite her and a quick fight ensues, at the end of which the Baron runs away by obviously teleporting, another display of his strange powers.



Nathaniel takes an unconscious Risa to a hotel room (she had been unconscious throughout the fight), and begs her to stop her investigation. She finally relents, but the sudden closeness and newly found tenderness between them makes them both forget about consequences. They end up sharing much more than a kiss.


After the deed, Risa confesses to Nathaniel her deepest secret: the child she had is not her husband’s. Nathaniel is the real father of little Ashley, the result of their getaway of many years ago.


Although Nathaniel wants to make sure his father never hears about the possibility of a second heir, he also wants to know more about his son. He catches a glimpse of him as he drives Risa home (and gets alarmingly jealous of Risa’s husband).


Upon his returning home, Nathaniel divulges the whole truth to Ivy, including his cheating on her. Ivy leaves on the spot, carefully not showing him how much she is affected. She takes a plane back to Lucky Palms.


Her departure takes a huge toll on Nathaniel as he struggles with his very messy feelings. He becomes cold to the extreme in his dealings with the outside world, and turns to his daughter to compensate the love he misses. Theo issues a warning that he cannot possibly continue that way, but Nathaniel simply gets into an argument with him.


Not one to be dismissed easily, Theo takes the necessary steps and spirits Sam away.


Risa requests to meet with Nathaniel, in an effort to sort out what happened. She tells him that they both nurture the wrong idea about each other, that they are seeing different persons that who they have become. She also asks him not to intervene in Ashley’s life, unless she specifically calls upon him. With this, they finally seem to find closure.


Nathaniel sets out on two quests, the first one being Sam’s whereabouts which he finds out easily thanks to Seth. Initially bent on taking Sam back home with him, and hotly arguing with his father about this, he is finally convinced by Seth that Sam should stay in the countryside, as it allows her to get a more physical training which seems to do her good.


His second quest is Ivy. He turns up in Lucky Palms, in Ivy’s dingy casino, where he finds her in the company of another man whom he immediately kicks out. As jealous as ever, he is determined to recover her affections when she lets out that she is still in love with him. But even after a steamy love-making session during which Nathaniel proposes to her, Ivy makes no promises to be back in his life.


Leneuf Family

Determined to put things to right, Gabriel Leneuf meets with his holiday fling, Céleste Duval, and his two children, Benjamin and Annabelle. The latter, bitter and upset, takes on an aggressive attitude, but Gabriel counteracts with firmness and resolution. Céleste also declares that she intends to leave France and live in Anne Arbor.


Gabriel finally finds Abby waiting for him at the beach of Sunset Valley, her parents’ childhood town, and they make up with a kiss.


Her condition for his penitence is revealed later at a family gathering where Gabriel shows up with a shaved head. Benjamin and Annabelle are also invited and meet with the rest of the family for the first time. Annabelle is favorably impressed with her grand-father Thomas.


Jonathan, Gabriel and Abby’s son, also nicknamed Jay, is now in primary school and plays soccer in his free time. He strikes a friendship with a little girl called Sam, who plays in the same team…


Gabriel’s sister Amelia is now married to Johan Blake and they have a girl named Lucy. A second girl will follow some years later and is called Giselle.


The news of Tara Cooper’s sudden death deeply affects Thomas. The bond between them was strong. His cousin and best friend Martin Blake follows shortly on the path to the afterlife, and Thomas falls ill some time later, weakened to a state where he needs a wheelchair to move about.  He nevertheless enjoys taking some fresh air with his grand-daughter Annabelle, who takes care of him. He passes away quietly, leaving Adeline very lonely.


Following Tara’s death, Viggo has a surprise guest: Theo Golzine wants to buy his house and is willing to pay a substantial amount of money for it. Secretly glad to get rid of a house that has become too big for him, and all the more happy to be able to play the victim, Viggo gatecrashes on Gabriel and Abby, whining that he has been kicked out. Theo knocks the old Golzine manor down while everyone wonders what he is going to build instead.


Zay Family

Seth has his own way of expressing gratitude for his uncle Martin and aunt Anna, and buys them a brand new car. Martin and Anna accept the gift, but are somewhat bewildered by its value, wondering where Seth got his money from.


Seth and Carmen now live in a trailer in the suburbs, and Carmen grows increasingly impatient: tired of waiting for her life to start, she wants them to have a child. Seth remains unclear regarding his projects and activities, and only asks her to trust him. He brings over the pieces of an old car and sets about restoring it to its former state in his free time.


Carmen then takes a dangerous decision and stops taking the pill, keeping it quiet from Seth. As a result, she ends up pregnant but gets worried a bit too late about their financial capacity of dealing with a baby.


Angry but accepting his fate, Seth assures her that she doesn’t need to worry, and that he has bought a lot with several trailers on it, where they can live with their friends Adrian and Daisy who are having financial issues. Suddenly realizing that Seth has more money than he cares to tell her, Carmen loses her temper. Seth only makes the cryptic statement that he’s following his father’s footsteps.


Although Adrian, now a policeman, also suspects that Seth gets illegal money, he doesn’t investigate any further, partly because he is indebted to him, partly because he doesn’t really care, but primarily because of their strange bond.


When his uncle Martin dies, Seth doesn’t go to the funeral, arguing that “the dead never come back”. The birth of his son Erik will give a whole new meaning to his life.


Deville Family

Stella cannot get Noah to change his mind about moving in with her and Alex. Consequently, Noah and Joshuah stay in the little cabin in the marshes, barely scraping out a living. Although she makes sure they get enough money (despite Noah’s pride who wants to pay her back), they still live in conditions of squalor.


Noah is determined to get a grant for business studies at university, incidentally the same university as Emily Golzine whom he is still chasing after.


Emily and Noah meet again on the campus, Emily being enrolled at the fine arts faculty and Noah in the business department. While he gets a bed in a shabby dorm, Emily shares a flat with Tabitha, a fellow student. She also starts a relationship with a politically-engaged, tattooed guy called Nick.


Noah gets jealous, and keeps on chasing after her, despite being repeatedly turned down. He takes a profound dislike in Nick and tries to discredit his theories in public, even getting into a fist fight with him. He also sleeps with many girls, including Tabitha, and sometimes taking his trophies to his room, which brings him a warning for expulsion from the dorm head.


Emily is torn between amusement and annoyance at his persistence. She had suggested on a whim that he should pose nude for her, and Noah is resolved that it should happen. When he finally gets to pose, he is rather embarrassed, and ends up blurting out his love for her (again, but this time even more sincerely), leaving her rather flustered.


Emily and Nick end up having a fight as he implies that she is nothing more than a rich daddy’s girl.


They break up, and Emily expects Noah to jump on the opportunity. But he doesn’t come, and she finds herself disappointed. When he finally shows up, he takes her in his arms and explains that he cannot find a way to approach her without scaring her off again. She progressively overcomes her doubts about him and they share their first night together.


Noah’s twin brother Joshuah is still dating Belinda Angelista, and they now live on the ground floor at Stella and Alex’ place. Josh is a pretty lousy lifeguard, and Belinda… does nothing interesting. They got married but have no children so far.



Back in Anne Arbor with a diploma, Noah and Emily get an apartment and begin their professional life, Noah in a communication agency led by sexy manager Esther, and Emily for a designers’ office, working in partnership with Quentin, a talented young creative. Their relationship seems to be a balanced one, in which she is the calm and pragmatic one, while he is more intense and carefree.


But Quentin acts in a weird way: although he openly states that he has a girlfriend, he flirts in a controlled way with Emily who is not indifferent to his charm. And Noah gets advances from his boss, who clearly implies that he could sleep his way to the top…



Wong Family

Yu arranges for Fei to be sent to China and meet with her future husband, another distant Wong cousin named Liang.


Fei of course rebels against the idea, but she is also somehow interested with the fact that her husband will take over the legacy instead of her.


Liang turns out to be a sweet, overweight young man, with a deep theoretical interest in politics. He immediately falls for the beautiful Fei, not believing in his chance to meet any other attractive woman, even less the heiress of a legacy. He promises her that he will let her do whatever she wants, provided she bears a child. Although Fei obviously considers the deal to be a purely contractual marriage, it is unclear whether she is actually touched by Liang’s sincere feelings. They get married “for the better and the worst”.


When vampire Elliott Granger is approached by a strange vampire not aware of the Wong project, he goes straight to city hall to give out a warning that there will be an uproar if vampires find out that there is no control over the new comers to the city. Liang is present during the conversation, and Yu has to explain what the Wong project is about.


Fei seems to have a bad drinking issue, but she is stopped short with the announcement that she is pregnant.


Vampires community

Tristan de Lalaing has finally got the offspring he wanted and weirdly obsessed with Hugo’s well-being, forces Eve Fangmann to stay with him and their son by working on her guilt. She is not fooled anymore, but she doesn’t know who to turn to.


In the meantime, Eloise Simson has become a young adult, and with her aging up, her ‘evil’ side has now a life of its own. As it becomes more and more independent and ambitious, Eloise keeps on hiding it from her father.



Cain Simson recognizes that he is helpless in front of his daughter struggling with her vampire thirst, and that Eve would have managed much better than him. Cain and Eve obviously miss each other, and there is a glimpse of a potential reconciliation as they meet by chance and hug.


A journalist named Risa Parsons finds somehow a connection between Tristan and the Wong project, and comes to his house for an interview during which he denies knowing anything.


But this doesn’t help his growing paranoia: he forbids Eve to leave the house, and goes to the Golzines to get the help he wouldn’t get from Yu Wong. Risa being in close relation with Nathaniel Golzine, the latter agrees to take the matter into his hands.


Although Tristan had forbidden her to go out, Eve often goes at night to the cemetery, where she feels most at ease. She is still intrigued by a very disturbed ghost and would like to help him. Tristan reminds her that that cemetery is part of the Golzine burying grounds, and that the ghost could be someone from their family.


Eloise and her dark side perceive a distortion in time, without being able to understand or place it exactly.


Tristan now regularly falls into a trance similar to a sleep, during which he has nightmares about his past and wakes up screaming.


Hugo, now a child, shows a lot of contempt for his father, considering him weak. He shuts himself into his room and plays chess all day.


Through his dreams, we get a glimpse of Tristan’s story. Back in the Middle Ages, he became a page to Baron Gilles de Rais, commander of the French Royal Army. Gilles de Rais was very much involved in research about astronomy and the human body. He experimented on himself, to try to get closer to power and immortality.



As he got nearer and nearer to actually becoming a vampire, he became aware that he was missing an ingredient: the taboo of killing a pregnant woman and using an unborn baby. Tristan had just made his lover, Agnès Sorel, incidentally the king’s mistress, pregnant.


Gilles used them both to murder the unfortunate Agnès, and turned Tristan in the process, both thereby becoming the first vampire lord and his vassal.


Baron de Rais was infinitely more powerful than Tristan, and for centuries, Tristan tried to get revenge by staying close to him and look for opportunities. To no avail.


In the end, Gilles de Rais disappeared during the French revolution, falling down a cliff with his horse and presumably killed.


Talking with other vampires turned by Gilles de Rais, Tristan finds out that none of them can have children, although Gilles de Rais seemed to have retained his reproductive abilities. A rumour was then circulated among vampires that some female of their kind, the ‘Alma Mater’, should have inherited the human reproduction mode. With that hope in mind, Tristan has been struggling since then to recover the child Gilles de Rais had taken away from him.



Via the Golzines, Ralph Connery the werewolf is introduced to Ms. Rosencrantz, the local witch. He asks her first for a remedy to his curse, but she soon dampens his spirits by telling him that only a fairy can undo a fairy’s curse. She nevertheless agrees to help him locate the fairies who transformed him. She just asks for some time, as the search is made easier on full moon nights.


With Nathaniel Golzine’s support, he manages to convince Yu Wong, who is afraid to let him go and lose her ‘vampire policeman’, that he needs to leave Anne Arbor to undertake his own journey to find the fairy people.

97959813But when he arrives on the spot, he finds out that the fairy queen not only has no intention of lifting his curse, but that she has also punished Gladys, the fairy Ralph was in a relationship with and because of whom he was cursed, for getting involved with a human. Gladys’ sanction was to be turned into a tree…


Queen Bee furthermore reveals that Ralph is the only one of his kind, and that only she has the power to modify the essence of living creatures, like turning people into werewolves. Now that he has found the fairies’ den, she also refuses him to leave.


Although other fairies seem to be afraid of him, one of them shows kindness towards him, and that’s Juniper Catfrost, a healer and friend of Gladys. She tries to talk the Queen into trusting Ralph and giving him at least his freedom back.


As Queen Bee starts to negotiate with Ralph, they are interrupted by the arrival of a stranger directly inside the fairy castle: a vampire no one had sensed and who obviously managed go through fairy barriers.


He immediately kills Queen Bee in one swift movement. Ralph tries to engage him into a fight, but the stranger just teleports away.


With the death of the fairy queen, a lot of knowledge disappears suddenly. A new queen may be appointed, but she is not as experienced. Hearing that Ralph tried to protect her people during the attack, she wants to reward him with a promise that she will try to find a way to lift the curse, but… Ralph refuses. He wants to share his burden with Gladys who cannot be turned back.


Ralph takes the vampire’s warning that he would come after him very seriously. He goes back to Anne Arbor but decides to dissociate himself from Yu Wong’s schemes. He nevertheless shares his story with Nathaniel, the only person whom he seems to trust.


The only place where he seems to belong is with the witch Ms. Rosencrantz, so he asks her to stay at her place and never really moves out.


The Baron indeed follows him to the city and Ralph and Nathaniel arrive on time to stop him from wreaking havoc. He avoids the fight and escapes through teleportation, again.


Following Ms. Rosencrantz’ death, Ralph is now helping Pippa, the witch’s apprentice, who has inherited her title as the local witch, but who is still young and inexperienced.


Parsons Family

Risa’s heart breaks every time she sees her son Ashley: he clearly is the result of her getaway with Nathaniel Golzine. She cannot bring herself to tell the truth to Julian, her husband.


Although she can count on the support of her old friend, Claire Jamsheed (now a popular blues singer), she is desperately looking for distraction from her heartache and throws herself headlong into work.


She starts following a trail leading a confidential governmental project, which seems to make mention of an underworld of supernaturals. A strange woman warns her to stop investigating the ‘Pandora box’. But Risa doesn’t wish to give up. She feels attracted by this underworld that reminds her of Nathaniel.


Furthermore, she still is under her unicorn’s protection, even if she is never sure whether those visions are real.


But Risa is neglecting her son somehow. Because he is to her a living memory of Nathaniel, she unconsciously avoids to look at him straight and the little boy knows it.


Julian presses her to have another child, but Risa refuses, blaming it on her workload. Her boss seems to have suddenly decided to give her more work, and even if her investigation about the governmental project is now considered secondary, she wants to persevere in that direction.


Then there are her recurrent dreams about Nathaniel…


As she was looking for information for her investigation at an address she had found in an old file, she is kidnapped by a man who seems to have been looking for the same persons.


She sinks into unconsciousness, but when she wakes up, she is in a hotel room with Nathaniel.


The latter explains that he had been keeping an eye on her and has rescued her, but that she will be in constant danger if she continues investigating. He also discloses that he had been trying for a long time to make her give up. Risa is very confused, torn between anger that he had been spying on her and that he now tries to stop her from doing her job, and the feelings she has for him that resurface now with full force.


And they yield again to their mutual attraction.


They are brought back to reality when she tells him about the existence of their son. Both Julian and Ashley witness Nathaniel driving her home. Ashley of course doesn’t understand the implications, but he is intrigued and keeps that memory in a corner of his mind.


Risa doesn’t want to hide the truth from Julian anymore, but even confronted with the facts, Julian refuses to talk about it. He is actually very scared of losing her, and even more of being compared to Nathaniel.


Risa confides in Claire again, who makes her think about the way she sees Nathaniel. She alludes to the possibility that Risa may have too romantic an idea about him and she doesn’t see him for who he is.


No longer standing living with Risa, Julian goes back to his parents. Risa visits him frequently, but he doesn’t seem to be ready to go home.


In an effort to sort out her feelings, and to discuss Ashley’s future, she arranges a meeting with Nathaniel. She thinks that Claire could be right, and that both of them still see their relationship as when they were teenagers, and that’s what she tries hard to explain to him. She also asks him not to intervene in Ashley’s life, and that she would like to raise him for now as Julian’s son.


Finally, Julian is seen coming back home and Ashley throwing himself in his arms.



Pippa Crewe (branch family)

Pippa Crewe has now aged up to a teenager and it is time for her to use the wand Ms. Rosencrantz gave her. The wand calls her and weird sparkles appear when Pippa tries to use her.


As Ms. Rosencrantz will explain, the wand has now appointed her as her owner. She asks Pippa to become her apprentice and to keep it a secret from everyone else, including her twin sister. In order to do this, they seal an oath of secrecy.


Pippa thus starts her witch training, but she is much better at broom riding than at theories.


Ms. Rosencrantz has now a maid from the undead, Bonehilda. We also realize that she has been secretly extending her life with a potion, with the help of Bonehilda.


Pippa and Ms. Rosencrantz design a magical puppet that looks like Pippa’s clone.


It bewitches her family into believing that she is still part of the household, so that she can follow Ms. Rosencrantz in her crazy adventures.


As she accompanied her sister to a live concert at the local waterhole, Pippa meets again with Timothy Golzine, the boy from her childhood. He has now founded a band with a few other teenagers, called Sunrise on Pluto, and he is the lead guitarist and vocalist.


Seeing her in the crowd, he jumps out of the stage to greet her, even remembering that she used to be the ‘Sun Princess’ when they played their sc-fi game.


But their conversation is interrupted by a girl who seems very familiar with Tim, and who presents herself as the band’s number one fan. Embarrassed and shy, Pippa leaves quickly. There is a myth that witches cannot fall in love. The reality being that they cannot have children, or they would lose their powers.


Upon his return from his journey to the fairy country, Ralph the werewolf has asked for shelter to Ms. Rosencrantz and he now lives under the same roof, in her little shop in the marshes.


Ms. Rosencrantz feels her last day come nearer. She is a woman who likes to keep secrets, like the fact that she has tea with her genie in a lamp. Or that they possibly shared more than a business relationship. Her last wish to the lamp is to get back her youth for her last night and go on a date with him.


What Pippa finds in the morning is an empty lamp and a tombstone.


She inherits Martha Rosencrantz’ old shop and her title as the local witch. But Pippa feels too young and inexperienced. In her letter to Pippa, Ms. Rosencrantz advises her to go to the Midnight Hollow coven if she needs help. That’s what she decided to do, but in order to tell them that she will not be able to take over the legacy. Ralph thinks she gives up too quickly, but he offers to accompany her for support.


Right before leaving for Midnight Hollow, Pippa and Tim meet in a dream, a very strange instance called dreamwalking. He asks her where he can go and see her and she replies she lives in a house at the end of the road in the marshes. Convinced that it is not real, he then goes to kiss her. But they both wake up. Tim will later try to find the house she described, but goes to the wrong marshes.


In Midnight Hollow, Pippa meets with the witch in charge of the West Region, Maggie Bernauer.


She explains that a new witch is born whenever the local witch is close to death. It is the responsibility of the local witch to train her successor. Some witches are born outside this natural succession, and they are taken away from the humans as soon as possible. They are trained as the elite, and, after she explained her self-doubts, Pippa is asked to fight a duel with one of them, Elaine West, in order to test her skills. Pippa obviously loses and is more upset by her defeat than she had thought she would.


Maggie further explains that something weird is happening within Pippa’s region, something that looks like a time distortion. She would like Pippa to investigate, and seems convinced that she can do the job (which is not so much Pippa’s opinion). Maggie argues that although all it would take to stop being a witch, would be to take a husband, it is not as easy as it seems to renounce such an important part of oneself.


Ralph also encourages Pippa to believe in herself. As she stays a bit longer in Midnight Hollow, he even agrees to help her to remove the magical puppet from her family, since Pippa’s birthday is drawing closer and her family would notice when the puppet doesn’t age up.



Penelope Crewe (branch family)

Penelope is very confused when she discovers that her beloved riding instructor, Marcello Guerrini, has left the town for good. She doesn’t bother to name her feelings, all knows is that she doesn’t want to be separated from him. So she follows him to his childhood town, Appaloosa Plains, where he lives now with his parents.


Parents who are rejoicing to finally have someone to steal their son’s broken heart.


Penelope also becomes quite demonstrative in her display of affection and kisses him, but he gently rejects her, insisting that he doesn’t want anyone in his life. When she looks dejected, he finally opens up a little bit and tells her that he got abandoned at the altar by his bride-to-be (see Third Part, Leneuf Family).


But he admits that she is a very special girl, and that she could make the difference for him. She forces him to accept a date after she manages to jump successfully with her horse. This time, they share a kiss.


while dating Penelope, Marcello realizes that she could never harm him. She is way too straightforward.


Out of the blue for their families, they get married in Appaloosa Plains.


They are now back in Anne Arbor and live in an old barn.They have a little girl named Sabrina.


Other characters 

  • Timothy Golzine

Tim is now a teen and totally hates her sister Emily’s jerk of a boyfriend.


He has found a new friend in Kyle Heilman, and a third member to make it a band, Sunrise on Pluto.


He frequently skips school and was even grounded for staying out late. All for the art of music. His father Jacob, who has faith in his son’s musical gift, knows that he’s infringing the rules but leaves him be, as long as he is serious about music.


During their first live concert, Tim was approached by Amber Fangmann, a girl who seems to have fallen for him at first sight.


She is stunningly beautiful, but Tim is not particularly attracted to her. She nevertheless appoints herself their number one fan, and steals kisses and hugs from him whenever possible.


It’s hard to say whether Tim likes Amber or not. She seems to get on his nerve, but he lets her kiss him.


Tim seems on the other hand very interested in Pippa Crewe, whom he met when they were kids at summer camp. He calls her ‘Sun Princess’, after a game they were playing. She was his first kiss. He has seen her in a dream and she told him she lived at the end of the road in the marshes. But he forgot to ask which marshes… He still doesn’t know what to think of that weird dream.


He finally tells Amber that he needs a break away from her.


  • Hamming/Striker

For some reason, Candice Hamming stands in awe of her grumpy aunt Laura.


She wants to be treated like an adult, but she is still very immature and is mostly a coward. She falls in love with a popular boy, Drake Striker, but her aunt warns her mercilessly that he looks like a jerk.


Which proves to be true, as Candice finds him kissing Jessica Lazlo during prom night…


  • Piper Crewe & Xavier Blake

Xavier is Piper’s neighbor and she has always been secretly in love with him. Now they’re dating. He is a bit older than her and wants to race with the car he built.


Piper’s twin sister Pippa has always been weird, but these days it seems to be worst. She talks nonsense and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Piper is ashamed of her sister’s behavior, not to mention hurt that she never listens to a word she says. She doesn’t want to trust her anymore.


  • Oscar Simson

Oscar has a specific gift with inventing stuff. And although he is not even of age, he has managed to build a Simbot, OS01!


To his family’s astonishment.



Now you can directly jump to the first chapter of the Fifth Part: Mother Knows Best.

Full chapter list of this Part here.


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