Second Part Summary (153 – 281)

Golzine Family

Theo Golzine is the mafia leader in the city. To the outside world, he appears like a businessman, owning several companies and speculating. But he also controls the underworld, trafficking in drug and firearms.


His father has been assassinated and was an adopted heir, so there is no blood relationship between Theo’s side and the actual Golzine family, which is quite large. This appears quite convenient when Theo falls in love with Ange Golzine, a delicate, dreamy-eyed (very) young girl. He hasn’t told her about his activities, but things get more complicated as Theo’s previous mentor Cedric, whom he had fired, reappears at Theo’s mother’s funeral. Cedric catches sight of Ange and seems particularly interested in her, but Theo warns him not to try anything.


Shortly after she becomes of age, Theo proposes to Ange and they become engaged and start living together. Theo is determined not to reveal his real identity to his future wife, wishing to protect her from his dark side.


However, Ange becomes the target of one of her former classmates, Cain Simson. Cain has always been attracted to Ange, but in the meantime he has been turned into a vampire. Still fascinated by her, he starts stalking her, despite Theo’s threats, and quickly discovers he is not the only one surveying her.


Cedric has Ange abducted by Sen, a young Asian working for him. Theo comes to her rescue, with Cain’s indirect help, but Ange has realized he is not the person she had thought he was. Understanding this, he calls off their engagement and withdraws.


He also learns from Sen that Cedric has not survived their fight. Sen suggests to work for him instead and he accepts.


But Ange is actually pregnant, and Theo gets wind of this when she is hospitalized after getting attacked by Cain succumbing to temptation. She thankfully doesn’t realize what has happened and her pregnancy is not in danger. But Theo gets in a blind rage and vows to kill Cain. As he breaks into the apartment Cain shares with Eve, the vampire who turned him, Eve’s father, a former vampire, steps in and manages to convince Theo not to kill Cain but to have him work for him. Theo agrees to the scheme, but not without binding Eve to it as well.


As Ange continues to believe Cain saved her twice (when she was kidnapped and when she was actually attacked by him), she tries to get in touch with him via his mother. Theo intercedes, making Ange angry, and decides to reveal Cain’s situation to her. He even sends Eve to explain what they are and why she shouldn’t try to contact them.


Ange gives birth to a boy named Nathaniel and invites Theo to see him. They both still love each other, and Ange becomes more and more accustomed with the idea that she cannot imagine her life without Theo. They finally get married without anyone knowing, and live again under the same roof.


Theo hears some rumors about another vampire trying to wreck economic havoc on his territory, even going as far as to strike at Theo’s half-brother, Thomas Leneuf. Theo calls upon Cain and Eve’s services to get rid of Beau Merrick. Eve gets killed during the fight that ensues, and Cain murders Beau out of rage.


Theo takes Cain and Eve’s corpse to one of his acquaintances: Mrs. Rosencrantz, a witch who owns a genie and from whom he purchased a wish. He now uses that wish, initially intended for Ange, to resuscitate Eve.


All this time, Sen has been on his side. But it now turns out he was working all the while for the Wong family, providing information to the mayor, Yu Wong, about Theo’s activities. This is how she learns the existence of vampires and forms a scheme to secretly invite more to her city, supplying them with special canned food made with blood fruits and manufactured by the Chinese. She invites Cain, Eve and Theo to her office and informs them of her intentions. While Cain and Eve are thrilled, Theo thinks it is madness, and leaves washing his hands off the consequences.


Things are becoming difficult between Theo and Ange. Except with her, he is becoming colder and harder, even with his own son. He keeps on saying that, although he is sorry that Ange cannot accept it, he cannot change who he is.


As he was fighting alone a wannabe gangster, Sen comes to his help and asks him how he can win back his trust. Theo’s condition is to betray Yu Wong.


Leneuf Family

Thomas Leneuf becomes again engrossed in his work, failing to realize that his wife Adeline suffers from it and becomes more and more jealous of his assistant.


But he also has a lot on his mind, as his half-brother Theo Golzine calls him out of the blue and asks him to come to an old warehouse. Theo has caught the politician (now an old man) who was behind their father’s assassination and wished Thomas to see him before he shot him dead. Thomas realizes then just how his half-brother can be dangerous, and manages to convince him to let the old man live.



Adeline’s jealousy culminates when she finds Babeth, Thomas’ assistant, cooking in her kitchen for their children’s birthday. At the end of the party, they engage into an argument in which Adeline accuses him of adultery and which ends up with Thomas deciding to pack up and leave. As Babeth finds out he has been living at the office and tries to help, he almost crosses the border with her but they are interrupted by the arrival of a man who looks strangely like Beau Merrick from 20 years ago.


The man, claiming to be called Benedict Murdoch, has come to make a buying offer on Thomas’ company. Given the amount at stake, Thomas accepts it although Babeth feels uneasy. Thomas hires the services of Chris Daumillier, a private eye, to discover the connection between him and Beau, but Chris has to admit defeat when no information is available about Benedict.


Thomas makes up with Adeline at Simon’s wedding, upon his son Gabriel’s instigation, and he comes back home. However, they were just in the middle of a make-up love-making session when the doorbell rings and Tara Cooper and her daughter Abby enter their life.


Tara declares she cannot stand her husband Viggo anymore and wants to divorce him. She asks her old friend Thomas for shelter while she’s looking for a place for her and Abby, and Adeline reluctantly relents. It turns out Tara is taking her time. Being so close to Thomas reignites her feelings towards him, but he puts her in her place. Tara being Tara, she is straightforward about her intentions with Adeline as well, whose only effect is to fuel Adeline’s fighting spirit. Tara finally leaves, together with Viggo, as Adeline had invited him to smooth things over.


Out of desperation, Thomas turns to Theo to find information about Benedict Murdoch. Theo reveals Benedict and Beau are the same person, and that he is a vampire.


As Thomas believes his half-brother to be starking mad, Theo brings him to Cain and Eve’s den where he witnesses the vampires’ strange powers for himself. He also takes pity on them when Theo treats them harshly and wonders what could be the reason behind his behavior.


Although Thomas is even more on his guard with Benedict, he is trapped by his powers and compelled to sign forged documents, which leads him straight to jail.


This was Beau’s revenge for what Thomas did 20 years ago, ruining him and forcing him to flee. Thankfully for Thomas, Theo has decided a man like Beau was too dangerous not to heed and with Cain and Eve’s help, he brings him to his doom. He then bails Thomas out of jail, clearing all suspicion of forgery he was still charged of in the process.


Paradoxically, the whole affair has brought Thomas’ company in the limelight and the sales of his protégé Jacob skyrocket.


The mayor, Yu Wong, now contacts him to act as an investor for a top secret governmental project. This takes the whole family to France for holidays, and Adeline is made uncomfortable by her husband’s secrecy.


The whole project has to do with vampires, but Thomas never told anyone of their existence, besides having now contractual confidentiality obligations. But now aware that there are dark creatures roaming about, he begins to worry about his children.


Thomas and Adeline’s children are Amelia and Gabriel. They are very close in age, and their closest friend is Johan Blake, who is the son of Martin Blake, their father’s cousin and best friend. Abby has added herself to the group, auto-proclaiming herself Gabriel’s girlfriend and kissing him in front of everyone during his birthday. Gabriel more or less recognizes her as his girlfriend as he becomes attached to her.


Amelia on the other hand cannot stand Abby’s inconsiderate manners.


As Abby and her mother come to live under the same roof as them, Gabriel gets even closer to her and they share their first time together. But shortly after, he leaves to France and gets attracted to Céleste Duval, a girl his own age living at the B&B they stayed at. With Amelia ill and his mother taking care of her, he finds himself often alone with Céleste and finally yields to temptation.


Gabriel is convinced his best friend is in love with Amelia, but Johan just denies it.


Blake Family

Violette Blake has got a child from an unknown father and has now disappeared God knows where with her son Seth, leaving only a note that she was alive and well and that her family shouldn’t worry. But now, she’s taken home by a policeman who explains that she was living in Great Bear with Orian Zay, a hired gun working for mafia gangs and who was shot as he attempted to flee from the police. She is presumed innocent and unaware of her partner’s doings, which is in reality not entirely true as she was very well aware he shot the mayor Yann Wong by command, but at least now the family knows who the boy’s father is…


She is shell-shocked by Orian’s sudden death, and more mentally unstable than ever. It falls down to Karen, Martin and Violette’s mother, to take care of her and her grand-son.


Violette sleeps all day and doesn’t feel strong enough to support her mother to raise her child. In these difficult circumstances, Karen learns that she has a cancer and that if she doesn’t go through a long treatment, she puts her life at stake. Karen chooses to keep her situation a secret and not to undertake any treatment which inevitably leads her to pass away suddenly.


Alone when she learns of her mother’s death and unable to stand the news, Violette ends her life the same day, leaving Seth to Martin and Anna’s care, as Martin’s second sister Faith just had a baby and cannot cope with another child. But Seth is far from being an easy child…



Violette had always suffered from a Stockholm syndrome with Orian. But in the end, he seemed to genuinely care for her.


The fact that she was willing to keep his child, even though her pregnancy happened accidentally, had considerably changed his views.


After his boss is shot down, he had no choice but to leave the city. Not even thinking one bit about Laura Leneuf, with whom he was living at the time, he stopped at Violette’s place to ask her and their baby to come with him.


Although he had a hard time settling down, he had finally found some peace of mind and a family life. Violette too had found a balance in her life and stood up to him when he relapsed into alcohol.


That was before the police came knocking at their door…




Faith Blake got married to Chester Crewe, but is still very much attracted to her ex, Jacob Golzine. She knows their relationship ended because of her and feels terribly guilty. Seeing him at her wedding breaks her heart but she carries on with her decision to marry Chester.



She still listens to Jacob’s music and supports his artistic career. She soon gives birth to Chester’s girl, Penelope. Although she tried to help her sister (they used to be close friends when they were children), Violette never opened up and kept the identity of the father of her baby a secret until her disapperance.


Jacob Golzine (branch family)


Like his father before him, Jacob is a musician and wants to be a singer. He has been found by Alain Sedat, an old film director who has turned to music and who left the handling of his record company to Thomas Leneuf.


Jacob lives with naive Yasmine Rkha, and intends to marry her.


He was annoyed with his ex, Faith Blake, and the disastrous way their relationship ended, but they made up and he now still has some lingering affection for her.


Jacob and Yasmine’s wedding was almost spoiled by Yasmine’s parents, especially her mother. She had always treated Yasmine very badly, but Jacob steps in this time and gives her a piece of his mind.


Yasmine gets pregnant and starts having birth pains at the end of one of Jacob’s concerts. She gives birth to a little girl called Emily. Shortly after that, Jacob’s sales skyrocket after his interview about the scandal involving his record company.


Jacob is also very protective towards his sister Ange and heartily dislikes her husband Theo.


Wong Family

The Wongs are a matriarchal family from Chinese origin, whose heiress is systematically engaged to a distant cousin. Either the heiress or her husband must become mayor. Yann was the distant cousin lucky enough to marry a Wong girl and the one who became mayor. But he got assassinated by command of a power-hungry gang leader, and his wife Rose does the interim until their daughter Yu is old enough to seize the reins of the city.


Rose takes teenage Yu to China to present her to the elders and to discuss her future. But Yu already has a very specific idea of what she wants: she will be mayor, and she wants Master Wong’s cute martial arts pupil to be her bodyguard!


Arguing that she must receive protection in order not to end up like her father, she gets her way. Ren, who is not much older than Yu, therefore comes to live with them and to protect Yu from any danger. She flirts with him outrageously, but Ren, being very dutiful, refuses to see her in another light. He finally yields to her advances when they become older.


As soon as Yu gets of age, she runs for the elections, which she wins hands down, probably due to her father’s excellent reputation. However, Yu is not as pure-hearted as her gentle deceased father. She gets in touch with Chinese mafia so that they can provide her with someone who could get in the way of the local mafia, led by Theo Golzine. They send her Sen, whose first mission is to find Theo’s enemies and help them, then to act as a double agent for Yu, working for Theo but reporting to her. Discovering the existence of vampires in her city, she gets the idea to invite more of them in order to get more taxes as vampires are generally extremely rich. She wants to do it in a controlled way though, without the population knowing, and feeding vampires with special food manufactured by her Chinese connections. For this, she travels to France to discuss with a representative, Tristan de Lalaing, who seems interested in her project and has the advantage of being well-respected in the vampire community.


Yu and Theo have been at odds since the beginning, and she tries to trick him into making him keep an eye on vampires for her. However, he doesn’t play along and lets her deal with the consequences of her ambitious scheme.


Vampires community

Eve Fangmann had never felt the effects of being a vampire until she became adult. The thirst would have overcome her, had her father not be with her and taught her how to feed from blood fruits.


Her father had been able to become a human again thanks to her remedy prepared by Prof. Ty Huey. But it seems like Eve’s DNA is too strong to be changed by a simple remedy. So far, nothing can be done for her.


Eve has also strong mental powers:  she has always been able to see ghosts but she can also read someone’s thoughts or throw mental attacks. But being still inexperienced, she couldn’t resist biting Cain Simson, a classmate with whom she was in love.


Unfortunately, she killed him in the process and the only way to save him was to turn him into a vampire as well. As he inherited from her DNA, he cannot be turned back. And Cain became her burden: from kind and gentle, he became violent and out of control. Eaten up by remorse, Eve takes it upon herself to train him and help him cover his assaults when she couldn’t refrain him.


Cain’s violence is however dampened after he attacked Ange Golzine, the girl he used to love in high school. He would have killed her without Eve’s presence of mind, and he realizes what Eve went through with him.


Their relationship turns into love.


But by attacking Ange, Cain has now won a new enemy in the person of mafia leader Theo Golzine, who sends his right-hand man after him. Luckily, Will, Eve’s father, intervenes and manages to make a deal with Theo that Cain and Eve would work for him instead. Being at the end of his life, Will dies shortly after.


Theo notably asks them to support him when he hears that another vampire is in town. Cain fights Beau Merrick, although he is much older and powerful, and gets badly hurt. Eve manages to restrain him with her mental powers, but as Beau understands that she is dangerous, he kills her. Driven crazy by pain, Cain strangles Beau. Theo decides to give up a wish he had purchased from a witch to resuscitate Eve, at which point everyone discovers that she is pregnant by Cain.


Mayor Yu Wong meets with Cain and Eve (whose existence she learnt of via her spy) to ask them to be part of her project: create a secret vampire haven where they could mingle with society and be fed with special canned food. Being both young vampires, they are thrilled with the idea.


Cain takes the first contact with his family in years as he finds out that his mother is unwell.


Daumillier Family

Chris Daumillier is a private eye who has an affair with the sulfurous Chloe Savigny. She had initially hired him to find out who killed one of her friends and co-workers. When he reveals the name of the murderer, she is shocked to discover it was her lover, Reagan.


She realizes he has been using her to cover his crimes, and disappears for several months. When she reappears, it is to shoot Reagan and get arrested by the police.


Chris now learns that he is a father to a little boy called Adrian, whom Chloe puts in his charge.


But Chloe cannot stand the guilt and the feeling of failure, and she takes her own life in prison.


Chris is not really good at his job. When Thomas Leneuf asks him to find information about a strange man, he cannot find anything. He is also typically missing important (and obvious) connections…

Parsons Family

The Parsons family are red-haired farmers from father to son. The elder son Jim took over the farm with his wife Irma. They have an autistic son, Sacha, but they try to deny that anything is wrong with him. Sacha meets by chance Evelyne Cornel, daughter of two lunatics (a graveyard keeper and a ghost hunter), and they soon become fast friends.


Evelyne takes care of Sacha like he is her brother, going as far as living with him after they become adults.

The second son is Hector and he is a rebel at heart. He has no intention of running a farm and ends up enrolling in the military. He is a smart and honest fellow, and he is in a relationship with Ruby Blythe, a clever blond who intends to drag herself out of her social environment.


Hector is very close to his little sister Sandy.


Sandy Parsons has always been a tomboy when she was a child and puberty doesn’t change much. She is passionate about photography and works part-time at the library to be able to afford a camera. She doesn’t like her twin brother Frank, who hangs out with gangs. She spent her childhood being blamed for Frank’s mischiefs. A turning point in her life comes when Hector and Ruby take her with them to Egypt, right after their wedding.


She starts taking her first pictures, but also meets with Dounia Zayat. Dounia takes a liking for Sandy (whose red hair she finds fashionable) and introduces her to her friends (amongst whom her much too old boyfriend Youssef Nagi) and her brother Kheops.


Strangely, Sandy keeps a picture of Kheops on her desk after she leaves home.


Hector and Ruby get married right after high school and Ruby gives birth to a little Risa. Unfortunately, Hector dies in a motorbike accident shortly after her birth.


Dounia and Kheops come to live in Sandy’s neighborhood a few years later, and although she keeps a bit of a shy distance, Sandy begins to go out with Kheops.


However, after Hector’s sudden death, she sets up house with Ruby and her niece Risa, hoping to support them and somehow replace her brother as best as she can.


Her brother Frank is killed in the middle of a fight with the police, during the chaos that reigned in the city after the assassination of Yann Wong.

Lazlo/Huey/Cooper Families


Holly Huey is a star child, daughter of the actress Julia Layton and the genetician Ty Huey. She is a spoilt kid, and doesn’t value her friends as she should.

Her high-school best friend is Vanessa Cooper, herself from a wealthy family. She is a scaredly cat and admires Holly’s strength of character.

Common friend to both of them is Basil Lazlo, coming from a much more modest social milieu. He is a daredevil and dreams of traveling around the world.

A love triangle will start between this threesome when Vanessa discovers that Holly and Basil have a relationship, although she had told Holly about her feelings for Basil.


As Vanessa feels betrayed and Holly doesn’t seem to care, Basil is increasingly worried that he might have made a mistake.


It culminates with an argument with Holly, at the end of which she coldly breaks up with him. Basil and Vanessa share a kiss and later travel to Los Aniegos together.


Holly meets with Sebastian Striker, and is dazzled by his wealth and fame.


She agrees to marry him although she realizes he is selfish and doesn’t care much about her. She also rejects the advances of José Luis Simson, a wannabe magician whom she finds way below her level.




Holly’s father, Prof. Ty Huey, works on a secret project of his own: vampire DNA. His childhood friend Tanya Gutierrez had a baby with a vampire and he manages to find a remedy to vampirism that worked on Tanya’s partner. However, he cannot understand why their child seems refractory to the formulation and suspects there could be more to it.


Deville Family

Stella Deville comes from a very low background. She lives with her parents and her two little brothers in a shack in the swamps. Her father wasted all their money, and is an alcoholic since the band he was playing in has stopped its activities. Her mother is a personal coach and often comes home exhausted, so Stella takes care of the housekeeping and of her brothers, Noah and Joshuah.


Being intelligent, she dreams of bigger things and has a deep interest for science.

She is going out with Alex Cooper, a rich kid who dotes on her. Although she likes him, she has never displayed a lot of affection towards him either.


Because she wants to focus on her studies and her career, she dumps Alex right before the end of their high-school years. But Alex is persistant and tries to win her back by all means.


Other characters

Blake-Moya Family

Alan Blake and Grace Moya (Adeline’s sister) run a ranch, and have 2 children: Julian, the animal lover, and Xavier, the rebel.


Louis Simson (branch family)

Louis Simson shares an apartment with his friend Chris Daumillier. He loves going out, and often has one-night stands with various girls. But he finally meets a girl he really loves, the policewoman Nadia Wellack, and starts living with her. Louis’s brother, Cain Simson, has gone missing for years and Louis is quite mad at him for this.


Jamsheed Family

Plump Deirdre MacMullen is a writer for children stories and is married to Eton Jamsheed, an original who doesn’t earn any money besides selling a few useless gadgets he keeps on inventing. They have a daughter called Claire.


Hamming Family and Laura Leneuf

Simon Hamming is Thomas and Laura Leneuf’s half-brother, son of Leona’s third husband. He met online with Sophie Jimenez and they got married very quickly. Sophie gives birth to a little Candice.


When Laura Leneuf finds herself alone after her boyfriend Orian Zay leaves her, she comes to live with Simon and her stepfather, Matthieu Hamming.


She doesn’t like taking care of the old man, but she is also dead scared of solitude. She engages into an affair with Youssef Nagi.



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  1. You know how much I love the complexity of your storylines, I wish I had enough time on my hands tp read the story from the beginning. That said, thank you for the summaries, they certainly help my impatient self to get caught up. BTW, I love your lore on vampires and other magical creatures in your story, you’ve given a new spin on a really exhausted subject.

    • Omg, thanks so much!! I thought I was going to cry when I saw all of your comments!
      I’m so glad you liked the storyline, the Golzine family is my favorite and I wanted them to come up realistically. Like you said, everything has already been written about vampires, werewolves, etc, and I was hoping to blend them as naturally as possible in the real world. Actually, let me tell you Krisis was my model for this: I completely loved the idea of a city where vampires are accepted and can mingle with humans.

    • T_T Thanks so much!!… I’m really really grateful that you’ve read all of this, and super happy that you’re enjoying it. Having interconnected families was my goal, and I’m glad I managed to convey that.

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