Third Part Summary (282 – 486)

Golzine Family

Theo Golzine ensnares Mayor Yu Wong and forces the vampire Cain to bite her, in order to make her realize how vampires can be dangerous.


But his wife, Ange, witnesses the assault and is shocked by what she sees. While Theo manages to calm her down, another vampire invites himself on the scene. Tristan de Lalaing, who was the first vampire to agree to Yu Wong’s scheme of creating a safe haven for vampires, challenges Theo to be bitten himself. Theo takes it on, and Tristan punishes him with a strong bite.


Theo and Ange never have much time together, but they share an intimate moment during which Ange seems to slightly grasp that Theo’s way of living doesn’t leave him unscathed.


But they are interrupted by a call, and Theo has to leave her again. He takes a bleeding Sen home, saving his life. Sen has been shot in the leg as a warning from his clan. He had indeed betrayed them by helping Theo trapping Yu Wong, but he is still tied up to the Heis who have bought him to work for them. He is a bastard son of the clan head, but was never recognized as such. As a consequence, Theo decides to buy him back, and throws a suitcase full of money at Master Hei’s face, asking him to leave his territory.


As an investor in Miss Wong’s project, a very anxious Thomas Leneuf calls upon Theo, his half-brother, to ask if he could intervene, should things go awry, but Theo simply refuses to be involved.


However, a batch of the manufactured vampire food got poisoned and the matter takes a serious turn. As the vampire community becomes increasingly paranoid and threatens the government with reprisal, Cain comes to Theo with the same request as Thomas, and once again, Theo refuses to help, considering he has warned them enough.


Young girls are starting to get abducted throughout the city, and Yu Wong, being unable to disclose her vampire project, intends to put the blame on the mafia, therefore on Theo.


In the meantime, Theo and Ange’s son, Nathaniel, is growing up and is now a teenager. Theo appoints Sen as his martial arts instructor and Nathaniel starts a hard training, during which he often gets hurt, to his mother’s utter dismay.


Nathaniel doesn’t go to school, has a private tutor and is already enrolled at university. He is desperately looking for recognition from his father, who coldly shrugs him off. He accompanies his father to Miss Wong’s public speech recording, and Theo’s presence prevents her from openly blaming Theo’s organization. Nathaniel catches sight for the first time of Risa Parsons, a girl his own age who had come with her journalist mother, Ruby.


He meets her again by chance, as she had been approached by weird-looking Chinese guys who obviously wanted to kidnap her. Although Nathaniel takes note of this, he is much more interested by his meeting with Risa and spends some time discussing with her. They start an email correspondence which will end up in a blossoming love.


Looking to prove his worth, Nathaniel finds out that the Hei clan is still in town, and spies on them. But inexperienced as he is, he gets caught right away.


Theo had foreseen a complicated scheme to crush the Hei clan by acquiring their companies and avoiding a direct confrontation. With the news that Nathaniel is in their hands, it all comes to nothing and he is forced to attack them directly. Nathaniel manages to escape, with the help of Seth Blake, a young thug who was intrigued by him and finds himself in the middle of a gunfight as Theo and his men come to the rescue.



But Nathaniel gets stabbed by Zai Jian, Sen’s half-brother and the one who shot his leg. Sen instantly shots Zai Jian dead, while Theo does the same to Master Hei, diverting his attention by telling him he has made a tender offer on his major companies. Theo discloses to all involved that the Chinese mafia, more particularly the Hei clan, with whom Miss Wong had allied herself for the vampire food manufacturing, was at the root of the abductions and the food poisoning, trying to alienate the vampire community and to cause an uproar.


Nathaniel recovers from his injuries, but the Chinese are after him as they believe him responsible for the deaths of Master Hei and his son Zai Jian. While Theo and Sen try to ‘clean’ the city, Nathaniel, who regularly comes to see Risa during the night, finds himself stuck at her place.


They share their first time together that night. Nathaniel also gets closer to Sen, looking up to him both as a brother and a friend. He is quite offended that Sen never shares anything personal with him.


Sen is also increasingly worried by Nathaniel’s relationship with Risa. He indeed lies to her, not telling her who he really is and what his family’s activities are, and Sen sees it as a repetition of Theo’s past. This culminates with the umpteenth assassination attempt on Nathaniel by Chinese clans in disarray, which is when Theo decides that his son has to leave the city for a while, being now a young adult. Nathaniel manages to see Risa just before he leaves, but Theo, who more than anyone understands the dangers of lying to the one you love, cuts off Nathaniel’s attempts at an explanation by revealing the whole truth to Risa.


Shell-shocked, she rejects Nathaniel’s apologies. He leaves for Lucky Palms that very evening, feeling miserable and angry at his father.


In Lucky Palms, Nathaniel lives together with Ivy Brooks, the daughter of a man who has worked for the Golzines and run a casino of his own. Ivy is a tomboy who carries a gun, with a happy-go-lucky attitude and without any business acumen. She loves to make fun of ‘Nate’ as she calls him, and they don’t stop bickering.


Nathaniel’s mission though is to build up the Golzine presence in the city through the casinos which currently all belong to a man, Toni Castaldo, the one who betrayed and killed Ivy’s father.


After a series of warnings from both sides, Nathaniel ends up buying the land on which the casinos were built, effectively becoming the owner. Acting out of desperation, Castaldo kidnaps Ivy but Nathaniel rescues her without any issues, again with the support of Seth who was incidentally working for Castaldo but who turns his back on him to help Nathaniel. Ivy finally yields to her attraction to Nathaniel, although she knows he can’t get over his ex. They spend a night together, but Ivy doesn’t want their relationship to become too serious and Nathaniel lets himself get convinced.


As a last tentative to retrieve what he lost, Castaldo challenges Nathaniel to a poker bet. He loses once again and for the last time.


Meawhile, in Anne Arbor, Cain runs away God knows where with his young daughter Eloise, following a violent argument with his partner Eve. Miss Wong wants to find him back as soon as possible, as he is supposed to be in charge of the affairs between humans and vampires, but she is afraid that he might have become unruly. Sen then slips to Theo that a werewolf might prove the best weapon against vampires. Theo tries to get more information out of Tristan, but Tristan only says that the race is extinct.


Convinced that he is lying, Theo missions the witch Ms Rosencrantz to locate a werewolf, which she manages to do after a full moon. Theo then sets off to Hidden Springs, together with Yu Wong but against her will. There they meet a gruff recluse called Ralph Connery, who finally admits being a human turned into a werewolf by a fairy curse. He agrees to cooperate with them upon the condition that they help him find a way to become human again.


Cain is finally spotted in Twinbrook, and the whole gang (Theo, Yu, Ralph, Eve and Tristan) finds Eloise near a little house in the Twinbrook marshes. Cain arrives minutes later, and a heated argument begins with Eve.


Although Ralph and Tristan try to intervene, they are defeated by little Eloise, who obviously has access to powers above the average and faints right after. This puts an end to the fighting, and Cain agrees to come back to Anne Arbor.


Theo ages up to elder soon after and buys a huge manor in the suburbs, as Ange has more and more health issues connected to pollution.


Nathaniel is finally allowed to return to his hometown, and he does so with Ivy, after much hesitation on her part. She hates having the role of Nathaniel’s ‘chick’ and initially intended to find a place of her own.


The relationship between Nathaniel and his father is tense, but Theo announces his intention to retire and let Nathaniel take the reins of the whole business right away. He also gets confirmation from Sen that Nathaniel and Ivy are in a relationship, and he is quite happy with the match. He goes as far as asking them point blank what their future plans are, clearly showing he desires an heir as soon as possible. Although this enrages Nathaniel, independent Ivy surprises him by replying she wouldn’t mind having a child with him.


However, Nathaniel stumbles on Risa at the airport and after admitting that they both want to spend some time together after their brutal separation, they drop everything on the spot and end up flying together to the first destination available, which turns out to be a tropical island for couples on honeymoon. Being still attracted to each other, they act for the duration of the stay as a married couple, kissing and making love and knowing very well these will be the last moments they have together. They both confess having met someone else, and there is a tacit understanding between them that they cannot give up their life for each other, no matter how much they wish to do so.


Upon his return, and as he promised him in Lucky Palms, Nathaniel hires Seth as a henchman when he comes asking for a job.


He next attends Risa’s wedding ceremony, watching from afar with a heavy heart.


Ivy begins to lose patience with him as he has refused to have sexual intercourse with her since his encounter with Risa. She finally gets him to confess what happened, but after her initial disappointment, she finds she cannot resist him when he says he loves her. They make love in a stuck elevator, and Ivy gets pregnant.


Since Ralph is getting angry that the promise he was made is still not fulfilled, Yu comes to see Theo and asks him to act as he is the one knowing the right kind of people for the task. Theo replies he will make his son aware of the matter.



Leneuf Family

Thomas Leneuf acts as an investor for a governmental confidential project which consists in welcoming vampires in the city and providing them with special alimentation. However, he begins to harbor doubts about Mayor Yu Wong’s ability to control the situation, and therefore goes to his half-brother Theo Golzine, the city’s mafia leader, to request his support in case of misconduct from the vampire community. Theo refuses to be involved, arguing that his role is not to compensate for the government’s mistakes. Thomas is increasingly worried for the security of his own children, Amelia and Gabriel.


Gabriel cannot stand lying to his girlfriend, Abby Golzine, and admits that he has cheated on her while he was in France. When she says that she’s fine with it and ready to forgive him, he cannot help but feel that it is not right. He forces an open discussion with her during prom night, and discovers that she is terrified by the thought that he could leave her. He also realizes that he is in love with Abby, and that his affair in France was a mere fling.


Amelia detests Abby, especially since she always teases her and her childhood friend Johan Blake about being in love with each other.


Amelia’s feelings do not appear clear on the matter. As she spends Johan’s birthday with him at the Autumn Fair, she meets with Marcello Guerrini, a horse riding instructor, who offers her a course for free. She immediately feels interested in him, and they start dating each other.


Thomas has always been close to his assistant, Babeth, who has worked with him for years and who still secretly has a crush on him. She tells him that she has been invited to have dinner with another man, and impulsively kisses Thomas, who ends up kissing her back as a manner of saying goodbye.


Babeth hands out her resignation letter, which Thomas rejects. With Babeth finally decided to move on with someone else, they continue to work as a team.


Gabriel, Amelia and their friends have now all aged up to young adults and are starting their professional life. Gabriel works as an engineer and shares an apartment with Johan, who’s working as a primary school teacher.


Amelia has moved in with Marcello, and it doesn’t take a long time for him to propose.


But when she announces the news to Gabriel, Abby and Johan, she finds it more difficult to handle than expected. As far as he’s concerned, Gabriel shares Abby’s doubts that Amelia and Johan are in love with each other and for some reason, refuse to admit it.


After pushing Johan a bit, he finds out that he thinks himself unworthy. He tries introducing him to Veronica Del Sol, one of his colleagues, in an attempt to force him to make up his mind, but it only annoys him.


In the end, Johan confesses his love for Amelia on her wedding day. Amelia is understandably angry, but admits that she loves him back. She had been waiting for him to make a move for years. The wedding is called off, and Johan and Amelia start living together.


They also organize a summer camp for Johan’s pupils. Some time later, Amelia will give birth to a little girl called Lucy.


Gabriel is requested by his company to travel to Monte Vista with Veronica to assess the restoration of a basilica. He consequently has to postpone his own wedding with Abby, and she reluctantly complies.


While in Monte Vista, Gabriel gets closer to Veronica and her purposeful behavior strongly contrasts with Abby’s lack of ambition.


Gabriel slowly falls in love with her, and during a night when they had too much to drink, they kiss and almost sleep together.


Gabriel resigns from his job after their return, and gets married to Abby who gets pregnant with little Jonathan soon after. Everything looks fine again for a while, but a new event strikes: a teenager comes to see Gabriel at his office, claiming that he is his son.


Gabriel has obviously made the French girl he cheated Abby with, Céleste Duval, pregnant when they were 15 years old, and she had twins: Benjamin and Annabelle. She had refused to contact Gabriel, but Benjamin wanted to know his father. Gabriel asks help from his sister and his parents to take care of Benjamin while he sorts things out.


Gabriel owns up the truth to Abby who for the first time, doesn’t seem ready to forgive him. She leaves, saying she doesn’t know when she would be back.



Blake/Zay Family

Seth Blake is raised by his uncle Martin and his aunt Anna, but he turns out to be an unruly child. He bullies Julian Blake, one of his classmates and a distant cousin, on the pretext that he doesn’t like to share the same family name with someone that weak. He also frequently fights with Adrian Savigny, but they end up becoming friends.


As they grow up, Seth continues on the same line: bullying Julian, smoking and drinking with Adrian.


Carmen Benavides starts hanging out with Seth and Adrian, and progressively shows her interest for Seth while her friend Daisy Fleury dates Adrian. Under her influence, Seth becomes less violent but he never makes a move towards her.


His mind is actually quite full already with revelations from his uncle about his parents and how they died: his father, a runaway murderer shot by the police, and his depressed mother taking her own life. Seth gets more and more curious about his father’s life, and even asks to see the files. He wears his father’s Egyptian necklace since then.


He unexpectedly meets a boy around his age who hits him back when he was trying to rob him. He will stumble upon him some time later, and decides to follow him on a whim. The boy (being Nathaniel Golzine) spies on Chinese gangs, and Seth is intrigued when he sees him being taken prisoner.


He helps him escape, and ends up getting caught in the middle of a gunfight between mafia gangs. The only thing he understands is that that boy is not what he looks like, but he never asks for his name.


When Carmen begins to get angry and avoid him, he finally gives in and kisses her. Adrian runs away from home and asks to stay with Seth and his family for some time. He goes back to his father after a heart-to-heart discussion.


Martin comes upon Seth and Carmen making out in his bed, and gets very angry. He asks Seth to stop ‘messing things up’ and to find a purpose in life. Seth has always wished to get away from Anne Arbor and asks Carmen to go with him when they are of age.


He meets by chance with a mechanic who offers him a summer job and enrolls his help to fix an old Ferrari.


When the car is fully repaired, he asks Seth to deliver it to its owner in Lucky Palms, and Seth jumps on the opportunity. He changes his name to Zay, his late father’s, and sets off with Carmen, both convinced that they will make it big.


But once in Lucky Palms, reality comes knocking at their door. They have no money and can barely afford to stay in a dingy motel. While Carmen gets hired as a barmaid, Seth finds himself working for the local mafia gang as a bouncer at the entrance of the biggest casino in town. They get married in a wedding chapel.


Seth’ path crosses Nathaniel Golzine’s once again, and realizing that his boss is Nathaniel’s enemy, he changes sides and helps Nathaniel instead. The latter asks him to come and see him if Seth ever goes back to Anne Arbor and is in need of a job.


Carmen’s father, Felipe, had been looking for them all this time and finally catches up. He is enraged to learn that they got married and the argument quickly escalates into a fight. Felipe orders them to return to Anne Arbor, something they were precisely thinking about doing since they have no money left and Seth believes he has an opportunity with Nathaniel, whatever it is. They agree to come back.


Seth finally learns that Nathaniel is the city’s mafia leader, and accepts to work for him as a henchman, under the orders of Jeong Sen Myung.


Jacob Golzine (branch family)

Jacob Golzine has acquired fame for his music, and is now a celebrity with a large number of fans. He has had a second child with his wife Yasmine Rkha, a little boy called Timothy, and they have moved to an apartment downtown.


Jacob often misses his sister Ange, but he cannot stand her husband Theo. He is shocked to learn that his nephew Nathaniel studies with a tutor instead of going to school like a normal child, and insidiously advises him to rebel against his father’s authority.


During a tour in Starlight Shores, he stumbles upon his ex-girlfriend, Faith Blake, who was on holidays with her daughter Penelope. Jacob and Faith are still very affectionate towards each other, but they do not cross the line.



Upon her father’s death, Yasmine learns at the funeral that he had a child with a mistress, Tiara Angelista. Little Belinda is actually the exact same age as Yasmine and Jacob’s elder daughter Emily. Tiara is very worried about her health and specifically requests Jacob and Yasmine to take care of Belinda, should anything happen to her.


Indeed, Tiara dies soon after and Belinda, now a teenager, moves in with her new family. She is not exactly smart and keeps on referring to Yasmine as her aunt. She worships Emily and follows her in everything she does.


Emily on the contrary is quick-witted, with a passion for art and her violin. Her classmate Noah Deville starts flirting with her, calling her ‘Emily baby’.


When he forces a kiss, she rejects him, suspecting him of being coercive and violent (which he is).


Noah’s brother, Joshuah, falls in love with Belinda and they start dating. If Emily was worried at first that Josh would be like his brother, she soon realizes that he is basically a good person.


Timothy went to summer camp with other kids, and met there Jessica Lazlo, who wanted to ‘go out with him’ (he just laughed at her)…


…and Pippa Crewe, an odd girl who lives in her own world. He ends up giving her a peck on the lips.


Wong Family

Mayor Yu Wong has this oversized project to invite vampires into her city, in order to get more tax and be the initiator of something no one has ever done before. She wants to keep it under control though, by keeping it confidential and providing vampires with a safe haven and special nutriments suited for their needs and manufactured in China.


However, trying to trick mafia leader Theo Golzine into doing the police for her in case things go awry was a very bad idea. He retaliates by giving her a taste of her own medicine and have her bitten by a vampire.


She is suddenly less sympathetic towards vampires, all the more because she is pregnant with her bodyguard and lover Ren Su (whom she never officially recognizes as the father).


Although she is scared, her stubbornness gets the best of her and she organizes a secret welcome meeting with the vampires who have accepted her scheme, introducing them to Prof. Ty Huey, a genetician specialized in vampirism. She gets very llittle enthusiasm, vampires being extremely introvert creatures.


She has mainly contact with the two vampires who lived in her city before her project: Cain Simson and Eve Fangmann, who being quite young, support her idea.


She appoints Cain as Head of the Collaboration Office, i.e. a middleman between the government and the vampire community. She would have personally preferred to have Tristan de Lalaing in that position: one of the oldest vampires and quite easy-going too.


The assault she has suffered because of Theo Golzine makes her suspect the loyalty of Jeong Sen Myung, a man provided by her Chinese connections and in charge of keeping an eye on Theo for her. She shares her doubts with Master Hei, Sen’s boss. As it turns out, Sen has switched his allegiance to Theo.


A batch of the manufactured vampire food got poisoned, and the event creates chaos in the city. Paranoid vampires come to threaten her, accusing her of wanting to get rid of them from the start.


Young girls get abducted every night, and Yu sees it as a revenge, although Cain tries to calm her down. Officially, she intends to put the blame on the mafia, hence Theo. She warns him that if he doesn’t stop the attacks, she’ll make a public announcement, setting the police on his trail, but he shrugs her off.


He nevertheless shows up at the recording of her speech, preventing her by his mere presence from getting publically blamed for the mess.


The abductions suddenly cease, and Yu is summoned with Cain and Eve for a round of explanations from Theo. He ends up sending Sen instead, thereby demonstrating his lack of interest in the affair and getting Yu all worked up. She learns from Sen that those who were her partners, the Hei clan, have been trying to take control of the city themselves by creating chaos and have the communities rise against one another. Theo has shot the leader himself, leaving Yu without any means to hand out justice.


Following an argument with his partner Eve, Cain goes missing with his daughter Eloise. Yu wants her middleman back, but is afraid that he might get violent. She reluctantly turns again to Theo for help, knowing the Chinese are after him and offering him to get them ‘off his back’.


He unexpectedly agrees rather quickly and takes Yu to see a witch, to whom he asks to locate a werewolf. Yu is then forced to go with him to Hidden Springs, where a werewolf has been identified.


Ralph Connery, the so-called werewolf, turns out to be rather aggressive and unhelpful, until Yu lets slip that Theo may know of a way to turn him back into a human.


He eventually agrees to help them, and they all leave for Twinbrook where Cain has been spotted. Ralph has little opportunity to intervene, as an argument breaks in between vampires and until little Eloise loses consciousness using her own powers to prevent them from fighting.


Cain goes back to Anne Arbor and resigns from his position. Yu is quite satisfied with keeping Ralph in the city, as his powers indeed anhilate those of vampires. She intends to take her time fulfilling the promise to help him become human again. But since he is getting impatient, she goes to Theo once again, as he is the one with a knowledge of the right people. Theo announces his son has taken over and will take care of her matter, which suits Yu just fine. In her eyes, no one could be worse than Theo.


Meanwhile, Yu’s daughter, Fei Wong, has become a teenager.


She is quite free-spirited, and totally uninterested in the legacy. She despises her father, labelled in her mind as a wimp.


When she is found in her bedroom with a half-naked young man (Noah Deville, whom she was dating for a while), she engages into a heated argument with her mother, going as far as to ask to be disinherited.


But Yu is determined to bend her to her will by any means.


Vampires community

Theo Golzine orders Cain to help him trap the mayor Yu Wong, as he believes she has no idea what vampires really do and wants to scare her sufficiently to discourage her from her project of inviting some to live in the city. Bound to Theo by oath, Cain is forced to accept. While Eve helps Sen, Theo’s right-hand man, to divert the attention of Yu Wong’s bodyguard, Theo brings Yu to an empty restaurant where Cain awaits her and gives a demonstration of a vampire’s power of mind. To Theo’s signal, he bites her, carefully but enough to make her lose consciousness.


But Ange, Theo’s wife and Cain’s former crush, witnesses the scene. While Theo tries to calm her down, a new vampire makes his entrance: Tristan de Lalaing.


He appears to be a supporter to Yu Wong’s project, and more importantly a very old and powerful vampire. Tristan challenges Theo to stand his bite, and Theo takes it on. After the bite, Cain has nothing left to do but leave, Ange gazing at him in awe and Theo making it very clear that she’s his. This is the first time Ange sees him since she learnt he was a vampire, and he understands he scares her.


Tristan catches up with him after his departure and asks to be introduced to Eve. When he sees her and her advanced pregnancy state, he seems filled with admiration and calls her ‘alma mater’.


When pushed for explanations, he enters into a lenghty speech about the origins of vampirism. He explains that vampires do not breed the human way. Except for the first vampire, initially a human, of whom Eve seems to be a descendant. He suggests that Eve has her DNA checked.


Eve, Cain and Tristan are all invited to Yu Wong’s welcome speech for vampires who accepted to come and live in her city, under her conditions. No questions are asked, and although Prof. Huey specifically asks for volunteers to participate in his research, no vampire contacts him.


Eve gives birth, almost by herself, to a little girl called Eloise. The baby has strange, glowing white eyes, and her parents try to keep her existence a secret, trying to avoid questions, especially now that there are more vampires around. Eve enrolls to Prof. Huey’s research study, and meets Tristan at the lab. They are apparently the only two who accepted. During the study, Tristan and Eve discuss some more, and she explains how she turned Cain and the burden of her guilt. Tristan seems very compassionate but reminds her of the vampire rule of lordship: if she turned Cain, then she becomes his lord and shouldn’t feel any guilt.


Prof. Huey’s assistant Stella Deville is particularly interested in Eloise. She asks to run tests on her, but Cain flatly refuses, thinking this would label his child as a freak. He even threatens Stella to kill her when he finds out that she has been taking notes while watching over Eloise. He also gets more and more jealous as Eve gets closer to Tristan.


Prof. Huey begins to build his theory that the one with the human reproduction gene wasn’t Eve’s vampire father, but her human mother. He runs DNA testings on Tanya as well, but unfortunately, he falls under a stroke, never to get up again…


When a batch of vampire nutriments got poisoned, Cain has to act as a middleman between the two sides, but quickly learns that his position is not an easy one. Cain tries to convince Miss Wong that she shouldn’t immediately accuse vampires of retaliation when female abducutions broke out, but vampires start knocking at his door, demanding explanations, like Lilith Ellingford, a measured but determined vampire woman and hot-headed Elliott Granger, who accuses Cain of being on the human side.


As things take on the wrong turn, Tristan steps in to help Cain, getting rid of any intruder by his mere presence. As usual, Theo Golzine saves the day and reveals a scheme of the Chinese mafia. Things calm down again.


Eloise has grown up to a child, and still has her white pupils. She seems to see things of the mind, about Tristan for instance. He is particularly unsettled by the little girl.


Because of Tristan, Cain and Eve are now at each other’s throats. They argue mostly about Eloise’s education (Eve thinks she should go to normal school, but Cain wants to do homeschooling himself), and around the fact that Eve would like to allow her to perform testings when Cain is strictly opposed to it. But something is rotting deep down in their relationship and it affects Eloise deeply.


While Cain still argues that he didn’t ask to anything that happened to him, Eve, sick of his accusations and wanting to prove that she is more powerful than him, mind-controls him for a few seconds. This has the effect of sending Cain fleeing with Eloise.


While Eve turns to Tristan for support, Cain lives in hiding in Twinbrook with Eloise, who encounters death and the cruelty of life for the first time when her kitty gets run over by a car. The episode demonstrates her ability to hear the inner voices of all living things.


Theo Golzine starts enquiring about werewolves, the natural enemies of vampires. In a too obvious effort to keep the information to himself, Tristan holds it that werewolves are extinct. But Theo brings one of them to the city, and Tristan’s instinctive reaction of disgust is the proof that Theo was waiting for.


The whole gang (Tristan, Eve, Theo Golzine, Yu Wong and the werewolf Ralph) sets off for Twinbrook in search of Cain. Eve is the first one to find her daughter, but Cain arrives quickly and displays an aggressive behavior. As Ralph steps in, Eloise understands her father might get hurt and gets in-between. She enters Ralph’s mind with her powers and prevents him from attacking. By doing so, she also gets a quick glimpse at his memories and feels pity for him.


Eve, who doesn’t want to fight, tries to discuss with Cain instead. It might have worked, but Eloise senses something in her mother’s belly and tells her so. That ‘something’ is clearly the result of Eve and Tristan spending a night together some time before, as everyone implicitly understands.


As Cain starts to get aggressive towards Eve again, Tristan, who now arbors a smug look, interevenes and a real fight would have begun, had Eloise not used her powers against Tristan, this time touching him directly. Her mere touch simply sends Tristan flying, and Eloise falls unconscious to the ground.


When she wakes up, her mother is at her side and Eloise warns her that Tristan has ‘nothing but hate and anger in his heart’.


It won’t be long for Eve to notice: Tristan is now obsessed with his future child and coldy order her to stay by his side for the duration of her pregnancy. Cain reluctantly agrees to come back to Anne Arbor, on the condition that Eloise keeps on living with him.


Eve is allowed to go to her daughter’s birthday, and Eloise becomes a teenager, keeping from her parents what she feels inside. She is beginning to suffer from split personality issues, with a dark Eloise appearing from time to time and demanding her to release more of her powers.


Scared, she remembers the researcher Stella Deville and goes to ask her if she can run tests on her DNA with the hope that she might understand what she is and why she feels different.


Stella is only too happy to comply, and soon discovers that Eloise has a double vampire gene. She calls her the ‘ultimate vampire’.


Meanwhile, Eve stays Tristan’s prisoner and gives birth to a little boy that Tristan names Hugo.


Daumillier/Simson Families

  • Daumillier

Failed detective Chris Daumillier meets for the first time since Chloe a woman who makes his heart beat faster, and that is Thomas Leneuf’s assistant, Babeth Lauper. She accepts his invitation to dinner, and they start seeing each other.


But Chris’ son, Adrian, is entering the difficult part of adolescence, and all the more so when he googles his mother’s name and discovers who she really was. Shocked, he runs away from home, going to his friend Seth Blake and his aunt Anna’s.


Chris has always had trouble in handling his son, but he finally has an open discussion with him about his mother, and Adrian accepts to return home. Chris and Babeth get married soon after.


After high school, Adrian moves out to live with his girlfriend Daisy Fleury.


He may act as if he doesn’t care about anything, but he is actually worried when his aging father announces that he wants to travel around the world on a houseboat with Babeth.


  • Simson

Louis Simson has met the girl of his dreams: a sexy policewoman called Nadia Wellack, but she refuses to see him again after their single night together. She shares an apartment with her childhood friend Sophie Jimenez. Via Sophie, Louis gets a date with Nadia, and more to come…


Louis’s brother Cain has disappeared for years, occasionally leaving a few, enigmatic news that he is alright. Louis is quite upset about it, especially when their father dies and Cain doesn’t even show up at the funeral. When their mother falls ill, Cain finally comes to see her at the hospital but has no explanations to offer for being so absent.


Nadia and Louis have a teenage boy called Jeremy Simson, who seems obsessed with sports.


Deville Family

Stella Deville applies to the position of assistant to Prof. Ty Huey, and gets the job on the spot.


She is soon involved in his secret research about vampirism, although at first she only babysits little baby vampire Eloise.


She starts getting interested in her and would like to run a few DNA tests on Eloise, but Eloise’s father doesn’t allow it, even threatening to kill Stella if she tries anything.


Alex Cooper, Stella’s high school boyfriend with whom she broke up, still chases after her and often waits for her for hours outside the lab or in the hall of her apartment building.


He accuses her of being cold and indifferent (which she undoubtedly is), but feels miserable without her. She rejects him several times, as her priority remains her career and she doesn’t feel like having anyone in her life. In the end, she suggests to see him from time to time, just ‘to have fun’, hoping this would discourage him. But Alex accepts without hesitation.


Stella’s little brothers, twins Noah and Joshuah, are still living in the swamps shack with their parents.


Terry is now in bed most of the time and can’t even get up anymore in the last weeks of his life. Salima asks help from Stella to take care of Noah and Joshuah (now teenagers) while she organizes the funeral.


Joshuah appears as a soft-hearted airhead while Noah is much smarter but malignant. They both love their sister though, especially Noah who bears all the signs of having a sister complex. While Josh seems a bit affected by his father’s death, Stella and Noah shrug it off and openly admit they never felt any love for him.


Josh falls in love with his classmate Belinda Angelista, as much a moron as he is himself, and they start dating each other.


Noah, on the other side, makes flirting attempts with Emily Golzine, calling her ‘Emily baby’.


It would have worked if he hadn’t forced himself on her, and she rejects him saying there is something about him she couldn’t like. He dates Fei Wong instead, and even gets into her bed.


Stella finally gets what she wants: Eloise, now a teenager, comes to see her spontaneoulsy and ask her to perform some tests on herself. She happily complies, and makes the discovery that there are both dominant and recessive vampire genes.


At about the same time, she gets pregnant from Alex. She informs him of her intention to abort, but he convinces her that he will take care of the baby, and that she can come and live with him and his mother. She reluctantly accepts and will give birth to a baby boy called Jessie.


Salima dies of a stroke just when Stella gets pregnant. Stella therefore proposes to Noah and Joshuah to come and live with her and Alex. Noah hates Alex and squarely refuses. Josh stays with him out of habit.


Other characters

  • Sacha Parsons & Evelyne Cornel

Sacha is an autist and although he is rejected by his parents, he found a fast friend in Evelyne Cornel. They share a house together in the countryside.  She meets José Luis Simson, a failed magician whose tricks she admires, thereby giving him hope and motivation.


The two soon fall in love with each other, and Evelyne asks him to move in with her and Sacha. Cohabitation is not always easy for José Luis who often feels like he is the only one who has some sense in the house. Sacha, secretly a chess master, was extremely jealous of him at first, but he got accustomed to him with time.


José Luis comforts Holly Huey, his former crush, when she is in need of support, and she kisses him on the lips to thank him, leaving José Luis somewhat confused.


Evelyne and José Luis have a mischievous son called Oscar, who seems to have inherited his mother’s crazy trait. After his wife’s death, Sacha’s father came to apologize and make up for lost time by spending more time with his son.

  • Sandy Parsons & Risa Parsons

Sandy lives with her sister-in-law, Ruby Blythe, and her niece, Risa, since her brother’s death. Although she has a boyfriend, Egyptian businessman Kheops Zayat, who insists that they should live together, she doesn’t want to leave Ruby’s side, trying to replace the brother that she loved so much. Kheops finally suggests that they get married and that he comes to live with them.


They do so for a while, then eventually move out as Risa begins to grow up. Sandy pursues her dream of being a photographer and she has now got a child with Kheops, a boy named Hector in memory of her dear brother.

Kheops’ niece Amina is quite close to Risa, and they often play together.


While they were in Egypt for Sandy and Kheops’ wedding, they make a strange encounter: Risa sees a unicorn while Amina only sees a horse. Risa strokes the animal, but Amina gets scared.


As they become teenagers, Amina pushes Risa to do ‘cooler’ things, like accompany her in a club. Left alone by Amina who prefers to buy cigarettes or flirt with boys, Risa makes better acquaintance with a boy called Nathaniel whom she caught a brief glimpse of during a recording she went to with her mother.


She gives him her email address and they begin to write emails to each other. They share a first kiss under the stars, and start seeing each other secretly. One night, Nathaniel finds himself unable to go home and they spend the night together. Risa begins to make new friends, like Penelope Crewe and Julian Blake, through her neighbour Claire Jamsheed.


She still sees the unicorn from time to time, and it always seems like only her can see it.


Just after they both become of age, Nathaniel suddenly knocks at her door and tells her he has to leave immediately and doesn’t know when he would be back.


His father steps in at that moment and reveals that he is the mafia leader and that Nathaniel is his heir, who has to leave the city for security reasons. Shocked and confused, Risa rejects Nathaniel.


He leaves, and she leaves herself for university a few days later. Ruby finds out about her daughter’s relationship with the mafia heir and feels guilty for not telling her at the time who the Golzines were. At the university, Risa meets again with shy Julian, who confesses his love for her. Knowing she has to move on, Risa accepts his feelings but still feels unsure when he asks her to marry him.


Back from university, she stumbles upon Nathaniel at the airport and ends up spending several days with him as fake newly weds on a tropical island. She is still deeply in love with him, but cannot give up her dreams of becoming a journalist like her mother, besides being in disagreement with his way of life.


They say goodbye to each other, and she accepts Julian’s proposal. Her heart however falters when she notices Nathaniel at her wedding ceremony.


She gives birth to a boy, Ashley, but she begins to have doubts about the paternity.




Now you can directly jump to the first chapter of the Fourth Part: Useless.

Full Chapter List for this Part here.


2 thoughts on “Third Part Summary (282 – 486)

  1. Ah man, I’m so torn between Ivy and Risa. I love them both for Nate. I think there are still a lot of unresolved issues between Nathaniel and Risa, and she may be married now and he may be committed to Ivy, but there’s something between them and it won’t go away.

    It’s bittersweet to see Theo age up. When it comes to running the city, and taking over the family business, Nate has big shoes to fill.

    • In fact, I’m a bit torn as well: Ivy looks great with Nate, but there is so much intensity when Risa is with him that I can’t ignore it. I see it as two conflicting parts in him that he inherited from his tough father and his gentle mother. He is more sensitive than Theo and he doesn’t like what he’s doing. 🙂
      And yeah, Theo becoming an old man was a bit sad, but although he says he’s retired, he’s still very much involved.

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