If you wish to get caught up, I would not recommend reading from the beginning (too long-winded and confusing, part of it is in French (my mothertongue) and was not published in comic book format), but to start with the summaries linked below, then move on directly to 6th Part. That’s why there are no chapter lists available for Parts 1 to 5.

1st Part Summary #001-#152

In which you meet a whole variety of families. How can a love story between terrible mob boss Theo Golzine and a teenage daydreamer end well? Will workaholic businessman Thomas Leneuf manage to rise up against his sleazy boss and raise a family? Will Rose Wong manage to fill her father’s shoes as a mayor? Why would melancholic Violette Blake let her high school bully get anywhere near her? Will Jacob Golzine be a famous musician someday? And… can vampires really bear children?

2nd Part Summary #153-#281

In which Theo Golzine declares war on the vampires while Yu Wong tries to outsmart him and it may very well turn against her. Thomas Leneuf finds himself facing an old enemy while his children Gabriel and Amelia experience the torments of adolescence. Eve feels responsible for turning Cain into a vampire against his will, but a new protagonist named Tristan will meddle in their already complicated relationship.

3rd Part Summary #282-#393

4th Part Summary #394-#486

In which mob heir Nathaniel Golzine is exiled to Lucky Palms with a heavy heart, bearing a grudge against his father. Theo Golzine and Yu Wong go in search for the last werewolf. Seth Zay follows his father’s footsteps in lawlessness. Gabriel Leneuf tends to fall in love too easily. Eve gets estranged from Cain and falls right into Tristan’s trap.

5th Part Summary #487-#595

In which Nathaniel Golzine meets his first love again while his relationship with Ivy deteriorates. Gabriel Leneuf tries to take responsibility for his past mistakes. Ambitious Noah Deville chases after girls and money, but is mostly after artist Emily Golzine. Following her predecessor’s death, Pippa Crewe takes over the functions of local witch. And a very evil vampire lord makes his appearance…

6th Part Chapter List #596-#726

In which Nathaniel and Ivy eventually commit to each other. Risa finds out that she might have special genetic capabilities. Theo Golzine meets his father’s ghost and it doesn’t end well. Young witch Pippa erases her past. Baron Gilles de Rais starts gathering his followers. To defeat him could require many protagonists to join forces. Most of all, Sam Golzine makes the acquaintance of Ashley Blake, an encounter that will change their whole life and possibly the course of time.

Final Part Chapter List #727-#745

In which a few years have passed. Sam and Ash are walking down their own path. But don’t they have a new enemy? Find out what happened to the various characters.

To the Edge of Time #746-…

The rest of the story is posted on a separate blog: To the Edge of Time (TTEOT) is the direct continuation of AFATWG, in which Sam and Ash find themselves far far away from home and in a very different state.

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