The Story

As Far As The World Goes (AFATWG) initially follows the life of about 20 to 30 families, generation after generation, resulting in numerous overlaps and interrelationships between them.

However, as the story unfolds itself, there is a particular focus on the Golzine family. It all started with them and will end with them. As criminal masterminds, the Golzines are the ones ultimately controlling the city.  They all have a different style but have in common a strong sense of family duty and the tendency to attract complex love affairs. They will also all have to deal with dark forces and bigger issues than just leading a criminal organization…

While other characters go about their daily life, find love, get married, have kids… Some enjoy a happy family life, some are eccentric, some are rich and famous, some struggle to make ends meet, some suffer from toxic relationships or traumatizing events. Many events are happening simultaneously and impact different people. This is why the narration constantly comes and goes from one family to the other.

Witches, vampires, ghosts, and even… the last werewolf? They all roam about freely, unbeknownst to most citizens.

Main Golzine heirs with their right-hand men

Theo Golzine and Jeong Sen Myung

Nathaniel Golzine and Seth Zay

Sam Golzine and Lance Terrell









I started inventing that story back in 2009, when The Sims 3 was released. At the time, I didn’t take many screenshots because I hadn’t intended to actually write it. Then I started to note down what will become the First Part of As Far As The World Goes and I did it in French since it is my mother tongue. Because those are based on notes only, these first chapters have very few screenshots and the intrigue might seem botched. It is also entirely in French and I don’t plan on ever translating it. This is why I would strongly recommend new readers to start with the First Part summary and then move on to Second or even Third Part chapters. 🙂 Of course, if you wish so, you are more than welcome to read First part fully in French (with or without Google Translator)!

There are many many characters in AFATWG, but they should all be easily recognizable (for example, I rarely change a character’s hairstyle during their whole lifespan), especially since some are particularly recurrent. As you become familiar with the various families, you will be able to better enjoy the interactions between them.

I do not follow any particular legacy or challenge rules, but I do incorporate some typical Sims elements into the storyline (like instant aging up for example – I age my Sims manually, so I used to do so-called “aging rounds”). Kids from major families are also referred to as “heir” or “heiress”. Over time, I’ve slowed down the plot to focus more on the most recent generations. The writing style has evolved a lot as well as pictures gradually supplanted text. Hence the move to graphic novel/comic book. My computer specs have also dramatically improved in the last few years, so please be patient with the the poor-quality screenshots from the beginnings.

Please note that this is a work of fiction that from time to time contains some content intended for mature audiences (NSFW); discretionary caution is highly advised.


If you wish to get all caught up, but do not want to suffer through the 700+ chapters, you will find summaries linked below. First Part and Second Part Summaries are particularly recommended reads! Please note that there is no clear-cut division between the various parts, the story just goes on from one part to the other.

Another quick catch up would be to read the AFATWG Tumblr Character Focus. They detail the life of various main characters, connecting events up until the middle of Fifth Part. If you don’t want to read through all the summaries, this would be the best workaround to be able to catch up until #680.🙂

Sixth Part #727-#…


Sixth Part Chapter List

Fifth Part #636-#726

Fifth Part Summary (not available yet)

Fifth Part Chapter List

Fourth Part #487-#635

Fourth Part Summary

Fourth Part Chapter List

Third Part #282-#486

Third Part Summary

Third Part Chapter List


Second Part #153-#281

Second Part Summary

Second Part Chapter List

First Part #001-#152

First Part Summary

First Part Chapter List in French only, please refer to Summary for English


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