684 – Moving On

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  1. Wow, so much happened in this update. Ivy’s really pregnant. So late in their lives, having a baby sure puts a spanner on things, so to speak. But they seem happy with their bun in the oven, guess that’s what matters.

    And Nate thinking about Risa while being intimate with Ivy. He has the worst triggers. And I guess those embers still burn some for Risa. Wonder if he’ll ever get over her.

    When I saw Seth, for a sec I thought it was Sen.

    Risa was/is pregnant? How did I miss that? I hope it’s not Nate’s. I know the unicorn blessed her and all, but that baby had to come from somewhere, and I don’t remember her being intimate with her husband.


    1. I don’t consider 40 as being late in life. 🙂 Yeah, after the initial shock, they’d be quite happy to be parents again. If only they were a normal family…
      There will always be something between Nate and Risa, and it comes out from time to time. They haven’t seen each other for years now, so no, Nate is not the father of Risa’s kid this time.
      Risa did have intercourse with her husband in the video chapter (https://sims3afatwg.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/that-night/). Neither of them was very satisfied. She’s a bit desperate to save whatever she has.
      Funny that you should mix up Sen and Seth. 🙂 They’re coming closer to having the same position in the Golzine family, although in a very different way.


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