698 – Courage

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  1. It’s good that Ash has Sam and Jonathan to count on. He needed their comfort and I’m glad they were both there for him when he needed them. It must have taken a lot in Julian to ask for help from the one man who’s always been at the centre of his marriage. Hopefully Nate finds her and brings her back home safe and sound. On a side note, Julian resembles Nate a little. If I didn’t know I would have thought they are related.


    1. It’s surely taken a lot for a quiet man like Julian to actually stand up and do something as bold and desperate as that. Even Seth recognized that, which is why he took him to Nathaniel.
      Funny that you should mention they look alike. 🙂 I had a comment that they are 2 sides of the same coin, which is pretty much true. But physically, they are quite different, really. Maybe the similarity that you’r seeing comes from the fact that I rarely edit my Sims, so I’ve always worked on an EA basis which can be kind of pudding? We’re a few generations away from my initial Sims though.


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