723 – Fated

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  1. Sam and Ash make my heart twist…as Seth says, this sucks. These poor kids! And how hard is it going to be for Nathaniel to explain this to his daughter? And for Ash to learn the truth?
    Seth is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine. I think it is because he doesn’t say much, but he always seem to pack a lot into the little he says.


    1. It’s certainly going to be a challenge for all of them…
      Seth is exactly like you say. Actions speak louder than words with him, and when he does speak, it often reveals that he’s more perceptive than he looks.
      Like, the simple fact that he suggested to light Nathaniel’s cigarette to get closer to him and deliver a rather personal message. That’s how he handles things.

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  2. Please do not tell me it’s another forbidden romance! (I really should do some archeology digging through the story, just so little time 😦 ).

    On the other side, amongs sentenced to virginity witches, hairy fellows with tooth, mafia, stubborn and not so wise politicians (surprise!), undeads which are not so at all nor “un” and “dead” neither, unicorns and other stuff, just – *who cares, anyway* 😉

    they’re adorable.


      1. Sniff…So I thought, bad, bad Mr Golzine The Joung(er).

        Concilliere’s note:
        Let’s think positive, right? They’re half-siblings so it might be half-wrong, at best. I’m absolutely sure it wouldn’t be as unholy as some things we’ve found necessary for the Family once. Or more than once. Lately.
        And in that way – everything stays in Family. That’s a positive thing, isn’t it? Family first, isn’t the our motto?

        Anyway, sir, what’s the alternative? Talking them down? It never works with teens. Buying some un-love (’cause un-crush may be not enough) potion from these shady witches in exchange for some favor in the future? A favor which may cost us too much?

        Just, sir, do not overreact, please. There’s so many boys on hers way to adulthood, let’s not focus the girl on this one by our attention… Yes. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t rise such topic. Sir.


        oh well… 😉


  3. Ah, forbidden romance. Poor kids.

    Awesome chapter! I love everything that happens in this story. There’s always something going on somewhere! 😀


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