Ralph Connery

  • Hot-headed
  • Loner
  • Friendly
  • Brave
  • Commitment issues

Having received the werewolf curse from the fairy queen, Ralph lived in Hidden Springs as a reclused alcoholic when he was forced out of hiding by Theo Golzine and Yu Wong for a confrontation with vampires. His quest to become human again led him to voluntarily choose to stay a werewolf, out of solidarity with the fairy who was punished alongside him. Irritated by Mayor Yu Wong and her empty promises, he is on friendly terms with the next mob boss, Nathaniel Golzine, whom he occasionally supports.

Ralph is a lodger at the local witches’, and offered support to young apprentice Pippa upon her mentor’s death. Watching her from the sidelines, he grew increasingly aware of having a soft spot for her that later blossomed into romance.


  1. Love these pics, was hoping for the kiss to make it on here, but suppose it would be a spoiler…


    1. Thanks!! 🙂 “The” kiss is supposed to be a spoiler, yes. The profile pics are chosen so that they show the face quite clearly, not (necessarily) because of their importance in the story.
      EDIT: Aaaand I realize that’s not at all what I do because I love some pics so much that I include them anyway…! Never mind me.


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